How to Be a Better Bass Fisherman? [Seek Knowledge]

How to Be a Better Bass Fisherman

As a believer in the fact that the more a person understands the movement, patterns and habits of fish the easier it is to become a seasoned fisherman.

There is no doubt in my mind that knowledge is everything.

It really doesn’t matter what your trying to accomplish, without the basic knowledge, it’s difficult to achieve.

Skills for largemouth bass fishing come in many different forms and from many different sources, with today’s internet at our figure tips it is certainly easier than it has ever been to acquire knowledge.


But it still has its limits as knowledge must come with experience and experience comes with time on the water.

As you improve your physical fishing skills you must also improve your mental skills and I believe to really become a great angler your mental improvement must lead the way three fold over your physical improvement.

The reason is simply that if you're in the right place at the right time, you will catch fish regardless of your physical ability.

Once you learn what a bite is and how to set the hook, it pretty much hangs with you and improves easily over time.



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The bass however can move and change

Adapting to changes caused by weather (barometric pressure), water temperature, wind, current and more, is difficult so keeping up with the mental end of it is much more complicated and involved.

In order to gain a mental edge over someone else in life there are only a few ways to accomplish it and one of them is empowering your mind with information, reading, watching fishing videos, asking questions, listening to the more experienced and formulating your own ideas based on gained knowledge or shared information.


Bass fishing is no different. If you want to be the best, get the best information, gain the best knowledge, fish with the best or most experienced and those dedicated to sharing their knowledge.

It’s also important to remember that not all information is real or created equal you have-to keep what works for you and plays into your style of fishing or life and use it to your advantage.

As an example of an information based idea that can help any fisherman, there is an on-line subscription based provider called “In The Spread”.


What can “In The Spread” offer you?

In my mind, it is of the highest quality source of information on fishing.

Nothing I am familiar with serves to enhance ones fishing knowledge more, as it empowers fishermen of all types with information that improves their skill level with solid based information.

Their information comes from the very best of anglers with diverse backgrounds of many different types of fishing.

They have one thing in mind and that is to share information with anglers working to improve their skills and become more knowledgeable from one day to the next.

As someone who loves to help people learn and become better fisherman, nothing is more rewarding than providing instruction and information that helps others.

This is as rewarding as catching a big fish or watching a customer catch a personal best.

It does my heart good to see customers improve every day on the water or watch a young child have a successful day of fishing and sharing information is as rewarding for me and any of this.

It just feels good to pass on the good times to the next generations.

Sharing knowledge is what it takes to be successful as a manager or coach for those around you; gaining that knowledge is what separates you from the rest and using that knowledge to your advantage is what makes you better.


There is an old saying in coaching I used in my days of being a coach and that is the definition of “Luck’ as:

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity, being prepared with knowledge will always prepare you to be lucky!"

Learn more about largemouth bass fishing with bass fishing videos from "In The Spread".

Guest writer, Seth Horne
In The Spread Fishing
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