Why Fishing is Good for Your Health? [Surprising Benefits]

Fishing Health Benefits

Fishing is an amazing activity.

For some, it is a way of life, and for others it is just a hobby.

But, no matter the experience level, there is something that all anglers get from it, and that is health benefits.

This may seem odd to some people, but fishing can improve your health, similar to many other outdoor activities. From physical benefits, to psychological, fishing covers it all.

Here I am going to list all of these benefits that will sum up why fishing is good for your health. As an angler you are probably aware of at least a half of those, and you can maybe use them to convince your friends to join you on your next fishing expedition!



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Why is Fishing Good for Your Health? [Main Benefits]

Not every fishing trip has the same benefits, and a multi-day fishing expedition in the wilderness definitely offers more than an afternoon fishing on a local pond, but no matter where or how long do you fish, you will improve your health.

So, here are 7 scientifically proven benefits that show how fishing is good for your health.

#1: Lung and Cardiovascular Benefits

As an outdoor activity, fishing enables you to breathe clean air, far away from polluted cities. Fresh air cleans your lungs and increases oxygen distribution to your tissues and organs. In the long run, this lowers the possibility of cardiovascular and lung diseases caused by all kinds of toxic elements that are present in the air around us.

#2: Vitamin D Intake

Vitamin D is extremely important for human immune system, and it also regulates the absorption of certain minerals. Our bodies produce it only when exposed to sunlight. As an angler, you will spend a lot of time outdoors, and have plenty of vitamin D in your system. Just don’t forget to use sunscreen.

#3: Stress Reduction

Stress is one of those aspects of life that is almost inevitable in these modern times. We spend out days staring at computer screens, struggling to balance our professional deadlines with private life. The best way to reduce it is to move away from everything that bothers you, and do what makes you happy. For anglers, fishing is the best way to do so.

#4: Strength and Endurance Enhancement

Contrary to the popular belief, fishing is not just sitting in a chair and waiting for a fish to bite. Anglers often hike through the wilderness, or fight huge fish. This can improve your overall fitness and even help you lose some weight. And everyone knows that being in shape has all kinds of health benefits.

#5: Concentration and Coordination

Tying small knots and hooks, waiting patiently for the fish to bite, choosing the right moment to set the hook and bobber (float), and many similar tasks that anglers must do can significantly improve your ability to stay focused. This can have a great effect on your professional life too. Also, it can improve hand-eye coordination, which usually deteriorates as you get older.

#6: Consumption of Fresh Fish

Fish consumption has many health benefits, but one of the most important ones is increased Omega 3 fatty acid intake. Omega 3 can lower your cholesterol level, which is very important for cardiovascular health. Fish (like carp, bass or trout) also contains protein, vitamin B2, and minerals like zinc and potassium. Heathy and balanced diet is crucial for long term health, and fish is one of the healthiest foods out there.

#7: Bonding with People

Some people prefer solitude, and fishing can help you isolate, if that makes you happy.

However, many anglers like to spend time with others who share their passion for fishing. Meeting new people, or spending time with friends and family at your favorite fishing location can improve your overall psychological health, reduce anxiety, and increase your self-esteem.

Sharing those moments creates life long memories and thinking about them during everyday life can help you cope with all kinds of problems.

Fishing Health Benefits - Gear


Fishing is good for your health, and there is no doubt about that.

Its not about catching many fish, or breaking records. It is all about spending quality time in nature, enjoying the day, and disconnecting from the world.

Even a short afternoon spent on a near-by lake can significantly lower your stress level and make you relax.

So, next time when you feel a bit lazy, think about all of these health benefits, take your fishing gear, and head out to the nearest water (like I do)!

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