What is the Best Barometric Pressure for Fishing?

What is the Best Barometric Pressure for Fishing

Fishing is affected by numerous factors ...

And one of the main ones is the weather, more specifically, barometric pressure.

Not all weather changes are good for fishing, and to turn this into your advantage, you will have to know the basics and follow the weather forecast.

The best barometric pressure for fishing is between 29.70 and 30.40 inches of Mercury (1005.757 to 1029.462 millibar). This is a medium pressure and if you want to try out some new technique or do any kind of regular fishing, do it during this condition.

Here I will answer the most common questions about barometric pressure and fishing in the following chapters:



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What Is Barometric Pressure?

Barometric pressure (also known as atmospheric pressure) can be explained as the pressure within a certain spot in the Earth atmosphere. It is caused by the weight of air above a point where you measure it.

The higher the altitude, the lower the pressure. It is like that because the higher you go, the shorter, and thus lighter, the air column above that point is.

Barometric pressure can be defined in different units, depending on a country where you live at. Standard barometric pressure is 1013.25 hPa which is equivalent to 1013.25 millibars. It may also be defined in Pa, and the equivalent value is 101 325 Pa.

This standard barometric pressure is also equivalent to 760 mm Hg, 29.9212 inches Hg, or 14.696 psi.

This may seem confusing but you can find numerous online converters and convert one unit to another, to switch to the one you are used to.

Standard barometric pressure can also be defined in atmospheres, where 1atm is equivalent to standard pressure (mentioned above) at the sea level.

Of course, the pressure can vary, depending on a location, temperature, and numerous other factors.

Barometric pressure is closely related to weather changes and has a great influence on living organisms (more about it in the next chapters).

If you ever wandered what causes atmospheric pressure, well, it is the Earth gravity. Gravitational force holds the gases around the earth (known as the Earth atmosphere) and factors that determine this force are the size of the planet, rotational speed and the composition and distribution of different gasses around it.

Not to go too much into the science stuff, lets see how all of this affects your favourite hobby.

How Does Barometric Pressures Affect on Humans?

Have you ever woken up in a morning feeling slow and bad for no apparent reason?

Or got a headache and felt sleepy all day?

Many of us did, and the reason behind it barometric pressure. Of course, it works the other way around too, and sometimes you feel better than usual.

During standard pressure, there is a certain amount of weight applied on our bodies caused by the weight of air above as.

When the pressure drops, the weight of air reduces. This occurrence causes our bod tissues, blood vessels and everything to expand. If you have problems with joints (like knees) this expanding tissue can cause pain.

Because the pressure gets lower before “bad weather” you can often hear some people saying:

“My knee hurts, it is going to rain”.

As crazy as it seems, this is actually true!

There are certain parts in our bodies filled with air, such as sinuses. As the air expands inside due to low outside pressure, our heads may hurt. This will make us feel uncomfortable and bad during low pressure days.

When the pressure is higher than standard, gasses and tissues will contract within your body and cause a relief and general well-being. Your bad joints won’t hurt and the bad migraine won’t be triggered.

Changes in barometric pressure cause blood pressure to change and older, more sensitive, people can have serous health problems caused by it.

Many mammals can feel it, but these changes are not limited to land animals too. Creatures living in the water, especially fish, can feel it too.

How Does Barometric Pressure Affect on Fishing?

Weight of air in the atmosphere sits on the water surface and adds weight to the water column above the fish. The deeper you go, the higher the water column is above, and thus the pressure increases.

Many fish species have air bladders. These bladders (also known as swim bladders) fill with air to help the fish maintain a certain buoyancy and to swim up and down the water column. This is in a way similar to inflating vests on scuba-divers.

These organs are affected by changes in barometric pressure and changes can have both positive and negative impact on fish.

When the impact is negative, fish will feel discomfort and change their behavior, which includes their feeding pattern.

When the pressure drops, the bladder will inflate more than usual, and vice versa. Small fish are especially affected by this and when the pressure drops significantly, they will swim into the deep to feel better. Higher pressure from outside will reduce the swim bladder size.

So, What is a Good Barometric Pressure for Fishing?

For fishing, the best conditions are during normal barometric pressure, or when the pressure is changing, especially dropping. Many anglers like to fish before the storm when the pressure is dropping. Fish will be very active and you can use faster lures and fishing techniques.

When the pressure drops to the lower values, this feeding frenzy will stop due to all of the reasons mentioned. If you must fish during this time, try to present your bait deeper than usual.

During high pressure, fish will be slower or moderately active.

Changes in the pressure are ideal fishing conditions and if you can, plan your fishing trip accordingly.

And What is the BEST Barometric Pressure for Fishing (High vs. Low)?

As already mention, changes in the pressure, or at least normal barometric pressure, are the best. But here I will explain more, and tell you what are the exact differences between low pressure and high pressure fishing.

Fishing during high barometric pressure may be pleasant for you, but fish will be slower than usual. During high pressure, weather is usually very good, with clear sky and no wind. These calm conditions are not going to make the fish bite a lot. If you want to fish, search for fish in deep waters or around hiding places because if the fish is not actively feeding, it is resting in some safe place.

There is a chance you will get a bite, but it will be slow and harder than during normal pressure.

And what exactly is a high pressure? It is above 30.5 inches of mercury.

This is a great time to fish from a boat, especially on the sea, because the water is calm.

When the barometric pressure is high, try to use tides, lunar phase, and time of day into your advantage and fish accordingly.

Low pressure is considered to be less than 29.60 inches of mercury.

Weather conditions are completely opposite than in high barometric pressure conditions. Cloudy sky and rain are almost always present.

You will find fish in similar places like in high pressure, because they will be less active. However, you can use these weather conditions into your advantage. Clouds block sunlight and these conditions could be used into your advantage.

Use slow baits, present them right, and there is a chance you will catch a fish.

Rising pressure will trigger some activity, and fish activity will be something in between normal and high pressure.

However, the best barometric pressure for fishing is falling pressure, before a storm.

Barometric Pressure Chart for Fishing (HELP)

If all of this seems a bit too much, and you are not sure how to fish in regarding to barometric pressure, don’t worry.

There are barometric charts available online, from simple ones to more complicated versions. Depending on your skill level, you can find one that suits you.

These charts show certain pressure and fish activity related to it. Some charts even tell you which fishing technique to use.

More complicated version will tell you how to act when the pressure is dropping fast, instead of slow, and similar details that cover every possible situation.

Charts can tell you how the weather looks during certain barometric pressure conditions so that you can recognize changes. Localized charts will even tell you which wind direction will most likely be present.

Possibilities are endless. Here is a simple barometric fishing chart, suitable for both beginners and more experienced anglers.

Good Best Barometric Pressure For Fishing - Chart

How to Easy Track Barometric Pressure? With App for Fishing ...

When you look at a weather forecast, you will always hear information about barometric pressure. But that is not enough for an angler. Anglers want to know precise values and plan their fishing accordingly.

Luckily, there is barometric pressure app for fishing. Almost anyone has a smartphone, and you can install these apps to help you track the weather in real time, and get accurate information.

Fishing apps will give you weather information, barometric pressure, and much more. As smartphones are evolving, apps are evolving too.

Many of those have options to log many information to enable personalized use. You can map areas you want to, log everything you catch and those information are then used for statistics.

App will offer you analytic data after fishing and more. Some of those even have the option to connect with fellow anglers and see some of their data.

Barometric pressure for fishing app is something you should definitely have, especially when fishing in unfamiliar locations where you don’t know much about regular weather and fishing patterns.

There is a lot of fishing apps on the market, and their price is quite affordable. They all have certain advantages and disadvantages. Look it up and see which one will suit your personal needs.

Best Barometric Pressure For Fishing App


Weather, and barometric pressure, have a great influence on fishing. By taking it into consideration, you will significantly increase your fishing success.

If you can’t plan your trip accordingly and use the best barometric pressure for fishing, adjust your fishing technique to the outside conditions.

Luckily, today all kinds of apps and electronic devices are available, so use it to plan and analyze your fishing activities.

And don’t forget about your personal safety when fishing before a storm. Avoid boats in unfamiliar locations because you could easily end up in a storm that arrived a bit earlier than planned.

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