DIY: Carp Bait Recipes for Pay Lakes - Easy and Best!

Carp bait recipes for pay lakes

If you are going pay lake fishing, try carp bait recipes for pay lakes, in order to improve your chances of catching a fish. Try this easy and best recepie ...

Fishing for carp is one of the most popular fishing activities.

Carps are big, cautious, and challenging to catch. Sometimes, we are not able to fish in wild places, so pay lakes are here as more simple fishing option. They are easily accessible and good for few hours fishing day. Pay lakes stocked with carp are especially appealing.

When fishing for carps, anglers use different baits, and some anglers like to prepare baits by themselves.

That enables them to use bait that is made specifically for some location, season or any other factor that impacts their fishing success. A lot of anglers keep their best recipes a secret, as it took a long time to perfect the recipe.

If you are going pay lake fishing, try carp bait recipes for pay lakes, in order to improve your chances of catching a fish. Keep on reading to find out what is the best and easiest way to do it!



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What is a Pay Lake?

Pay lakes are small ponds, typically stocked with carp, catfish or some other fish species.

In order to fish on those ponds, fishermen need to pay for a set amount of fishing time. Fish in pay lakes are usually farm-raised.

Pay lakes are stocked with fish on a regular basis, in order for fish to be available at all times for the paying customers.

Some anglers avoid pay lakes and think it is too easy to catch a fish there. It is a common misconception because although there is a lot of fish in small space, they are surrounded by fishermen all day so those fish, especially large specimens, can be very careful and tricky to catch.

How do you Catch Carp at a Pay Lake?

Although pay lakes are usually smaller surfaces (there are some exceptions), and carps living here are more aware of their surroundings, some fishing techniques are the same as anywhere.

Pay lakes are similar to all ponds, but because they are privately owned and attract more people, it is harder to find a good location at a pay lake.

Carps in pay lakes like to hide, same as the ones in other ponds, so make sure you come early enough to find a proper location and best time for fishing.

You should use carp bait to attract carp for feeding, before presenting your bait. That is always the same, no matter where do you fish for carp (or grass carp).

Because of the small water surface, use shorter fishing rods, especially if it is crowded.

DIY: Carp Bait Recipe for Pay Lakes - Easy and Best

If you never tried to make your own bait - boilies for carp fishing, now it is the time to do so! And here is why.

Baits are the most important part of carp fishing at pay lakes. Carps eat a variety of food, and because of that, various baits are used for carp fishing.

Most of the anglers buy baits, they talk about it, share experience and soon it happens that most of them use the same baits, because someone else caught a big one with it, and carps get used to it. As we already said, large specimens in pay lakes are smart. Smaller ones may bite, but we all want a big one.

When they get used to common baits, you will have a lot more chance using different and specialized baits that you prepared yourself. You can always change and upgrade your recipe.

Preparing boilies for carp fishing is easy, not expensive and you don’t have to be a professional to do so.

Carp bait recipes for pay lakes may differ, and what works on one pay lake may not be as good on the other one. Try few of them, play with the ingredients and figure out what is the best for you.

Here you can see an example for pay lake carp boilie.

Krill boilies can be made in less than one hour. Krill is popular ingredient in commercial boilies. Some ingredients for this boilies can be bought it supermarket, and some in fishing stores.

Follow these steps to prepare your own, natural, version of boilies that carp will like.

Ingredients required are:

  • One cup of rolled oats.
  • One cup of wholemeal flour.
  • One cup of krill meal/krill powder.
  • One third of a cup cornstarch/cornflour.
  • One large egg.
  • Water.

Preparation steps:

  • Mix all dry ingredients in a large bowl.
  • Add the egg and stir it into the mixture.
  • Add water slowly and gently stir it. Be careful not to add too much. If you add too much, add more wholemeal flour.
  • Make a dough with your hands (similar to bread dough but harder).
  • Take small pieces of the dough and form small balls between your hands.
  • Boil a pot of water, put boilies inside, and cook 2 minutes.
  • Remove from water and put on a towel.
  • Let them air dry and cool down for at least 4 hours.
  • Use them in few days. If you want them to last longer, freeze them and use whenever you want.

There are a lot of basic recipes like this one. If you never tried home-made boilies, try to prepare these simple ones. After a while, you can add your own secret ingredients that will make your boilies the best.

Carp bait recipes for pay lakes - homemade boilies on roller

What are the Best Rigs to Catch a Carp at a Pay Lake?

Now when you know how to prepare DIY boilies, you should think about the rigs and also about how to set up a fishing rod for lake fishing . There are a lot of different ones, including pop-up rig, multi rig, Ronnie rig, chod rig, and many other. Some of those also have variations, and your possibilities are almost endless.

When choosing the best rig for carp fishing many beginners start out with the simple hair rig, because that one is the easiest one to set up, it is suitable for boilies, and it works well in different conditions.

Of course, every rig has it benefits, but some are not suitable for weedy areas, or silt.

Beginners should practice setting them up at home, to have them ready for the next visit to a pay lake. But, if you can’t do that because of some reason, ready-tied rigs are available in tackle stores. The only downside (except for the price) is that they can`t be adjusted later on.

It is hard to say which rig is the best, because different ones work best in different situations. Start out with the simple hair rig and move on to more complicated types as you gain some experience. Simple hair rig is good for pay lakes as they tend to have bottoms that are not completely covered with dense weeds or a lot of silt.


Carp fishing in pay lakes is somewhat similar to carp fishing in ponds. When choosing your baits you will need to be innovative and resourceful, as carps in pay lakes are picky and smart.

Perfecting your own carp bait recipes for pay lakes is very important. You will be more successful than other anglers, and you will gain precious experience for other water surfaces too.

Carp boilies are easy to make, half of the ingredients you probably have at home. Carp boilies may seem similar, but there are hundreds of recipes and you will have to do some research, to find the best ones for your preferred location. It can happen that one ingredient can make a huge difference.

So get the ingredients, make your own carp baits for pay lakes and try them. Practice and experience will lead to perfection!

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