Fishing In The Rain: Is it GOOD or BAD to Fish in the Rain?

Fishing In The Rain: Is it good to fish in the rain?

You decided to go fishing, prepared everything like you usually do, but the weather changed. It is raining and you are wondering what to do?

Fishing in the rain can be done, and rainy weather can actually help you in some cases. What many people consider bad weather, is actually good for angles!

Environmental factors have a huge impact on fish. Rain affects river flows, it carries different insects and worms into the river from the riverbanks. That attracts fish which can feed on it. The same goes for lakes too ...

Clouds, unlike sun, provide darker conditions during the day, and it can also be your advantage. So, this is your opportunity to profit the best you can from that situation.

Except that, while fishing in the rain, you will also need to think about your needs and how to protect yourself from cold, rain and possible dangers.

Here we will see how rain affects on different fishes, what gear to use, find out some rain tips and learn how to prepare yourself.



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Is it Good or BAD to Fishing in the Rain? [Why?]

Depending on the season, rain can be very useful for fishing. Before I mention some tips for fishing, here are some basics. 

In early spring, when the water is high and temperatures low, most of the time rain will not be your advantage.

But in warm months of the year, when water levels are lower, moderate rainfall will be the best situation for fishing adventure. The same applies to times after strong and heavy rainfalls (storms).

Very important thing to mention is to avoid fishing during heavy thunderstorms and lightning because that can be very dangerous for you.

As already mentioned, rain carries small worms and insects into the water, but also causes commotion among small living creatures in the water. This occurrence causes increase in fish activity.

Rain can also affect the water temperature, and/or blur it and darken it. In those conditions large fish can move around more than usual.

In rainy days it is good to use bigger spinners because they are more visible in the absence of sunlight and such fishing conditions. We will mention different approaches for different fish species later on.

In lakes with clear water rain will cause darker conditions and make fish more active which is good for productive fishing. Unlike rivers, lakes are prone to lack of oxygen in warm and dry months of the year. Rain will cool the water, restore some oxygen and create lower visibility for fishes, so they can't see you and your fishing equipment.

Rain can make the water very muddy and "dense". As rain carries living creatures into water, it can also carry large amounts of mud. Those conditions are not desirable for fishing. In that situation you should find the clearest possible spot, away from obvious mudflows from riverbanks. This problem is much bigger if you are not using a boat.

You can predict this problem if it has been raining for days prior to your fishing trip. That way you can consider possible locations before and not to use your precious fishing time for location searching.

Even the light rain can affect your fishing sucess. Together with steady light wind, it creates favorable conditions as it oxygenates the water.

Fishing In The Rain - Fly

Is Fishing Better Before or After Rain?

When talking about rainstorms, fishing is better before.

Before the storm and heavy rains, the barometric pressure lowers which is good for fish activity. Feeding frenzy can occur among fish and that's the best time for you to present your bait and catch a fish, or more than one. Fish bites will come one after another!

During the storm the fish activity will slow down but that is not a problem because it is not advisable to fish in that conditions. In the end of the storm there is a very short time window in which pressure increases and fish are active. When the storm is over, fish will act the same as usual, or even be more inactive.

During summer and early fall you can benefit greatly from fishing before the storm. Also, at that time of the year very hard but not long-lasting thunderstorms are more frequent. If you want to try, and use the weather for your advantage, bass is one of the fishes that will react the most on weather changes.

If your weather predicting skills are not that good, there are numerous internet websites and weather mobile apps which are highly accurate and easy to use so that anyone can figure out the weather forecast. Or if you prefer, you can buy a simple barometer and have it with you while fishing.

Fishing In The Rain - Storm and Lightning

Rain Will Help You Catch More Fish like Trout, Carp and Bass

Trout, carp and bass are among fish which are the most sensible on weather conditions.

Trout reacts the most to lower light, carp to oxygen level and bass to water movement, everything caused by rainy conditions. No matter which one you prefer to catch, rain will be your best friend while fishing for them.

Trout Fishing in the Rain

Absence of sunlight will make trouts more active.

In darker conditions they lurk on their prey because they are less visible to it.

Fly-fishing for trouts in the rain will work the best ...

Usually, the best time to catch trouts is low light condition like early morning or evening. Clouds and rain produce similar conditions during the whole day. Rain washes insects to the water and attracts trouts, so this is the best time to present your bait. Although this time is the best for dry flies, it is also good to try fishing deeper. Small water invertebrates are also stirred up at this time, and they are important food for trouts. Sinking flies are very useful here.

Rain brings cold weather (or at least a few degrees cooler) which is great in warmer parts of the year. You all know that trout prefer coller water.

Carp Fishing in the Rain

Fishing in the rain for carp can be beneficial but also it depends on of the season.

In warmer months quick rain showers affect carps activity. They are more active before the shower. While temperature of the water is lower, like in spring, rain will cool it even more so carp will be less active. Apparently, carps are more sensitive to wind than other fish (bass for example), so if the conditions are windy try to find a sheltered spot. Carp is also very sensitive to low oxygen levels so that is the main reason it reacts to rain.

Bass Fishing in the Rain

Although fishing in the rain is good, it affects the moving patterns of fish, so in the beginning it can be hard to locate it. If you find baitfish in those conditions, there is a high chance bass is close.

Wind is also important because water motion carries small fish, so its better to go on a downwind side of the water. You can also look for natural hiding places for small fish in harsh weather. Bass will be active and look for them.

When fishing for bass in normal conditions it is important to keep your distance from the fish. While fishing in rain you re not that visible to the bass so you can be closer. That way your casting will be more precise and your lure will not make a big splash while hitting the water surface.

Try topwater baits as bass is now more active than usual. They are aggressively biting in rainy conditions so if you are using spinners they can move faster, if you are using worms, don't keep them in one place for too long as the bass is swimming around, not lurking from its hiding place.

What is the Must Have Gear for Fishing While Raining? [Every Angler Need!]

Fishing while raining requires an investment in good rain gear.

Imagine yourself being wet and cold and not being able to use most of your fishing day.

You will need a suit and footwear which will keep you dry and warm, even in the storms.

Cheap coats or "emergency" rain suits will not do the job. You will have to visit a specialized store and pick a jacket, pants and boots or boot covers.

It is easy to stay dry while standing in place, but while moving, walking and working with your equipment you need clothes which can handle it.

Fishing Rain Suits for Fishing

There are numerous brands that you can choose from but make sure you invest in quality products.

Prices can vary but make sure it is comfortable, you can normally move in it and that it has easy accessible pockets.

The more waterproof and heavy it is the less breathable it will be, so you decide what option is the best for you.

Light ones are usually more comfortable but less durable. If you don't care about the prices there are high-end options that combine durability, comfort and are breathable.

If you are a beginner the best option would be multi functional rain suit you can use for other outdoor activities too. Make sure that zippers, buttons and sleeve edges are tight and fit properly.

No matter which items you decide to buy, at least the basic waterproof gear is a must to protect yourself from wet weather!

Fishing In The Rain - Suits

How Rain Affects Water Temperature and Your Fishing?

Rain can also have a significant impact on water temperature and your fishing experience.

When it's raining, temperature of the water tends to decrease as the precipitation cools down the surface. This drop in temperature can affect fish behavior, making them less active and harder to catch.

However, fishing in the rain can be advantageous in some cases. The raindrops create a masking effect, making it harder for fish to detect your presence. This can give you an advantage when it comes to stealthy fishing.

Additionally, if you're fishing in an area with warmer water, the rain can bring down the temperature to a more favorable range for fish activity. While fishing during sunny weather is typically considered optimal, don't shy away from casting your line when it's raining as it can present unique opportunities.

Adjusting your times to fish and embracing the rain can lead to successful fishing trips


Fishing in the rain can be more productive than fishing during nice and sunny days. 

Most of the fish species react to rain. If you use proper gear and know your locations, most certainly you will end up having one of your best fishing days. AND don't forget your safety and avoid lightning and thunders.

Fishing in the rain is very similar to dry conditions from the technical aspect but much more productive because of how rain affects the fish behavior. So during summer and fall don't think twice when the forecast is "bad" because fishing is one of the rare activities which are better in rain.

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