9 Best Fishing Lights for Night Fishing - Buyers Guide

Best Fishing Lights for Night Fishing
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Fishing lights for night fishing can make or break your fishing experience. These lights are necessary to be able to see well and handle your equipment.

You have various options, and they all have some advantages and disadvantages in different situations. Therefore, many anglers use different types of lights, and I will mention all of them on the list.

The best lights are those that are bright, with long-lasting batteries, and the ones that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. You can choose among classic flashlights, boat lights, headlights, and fish attraction lights.

As a night fishing enthusiast, I have tried and tested numerous lights over the years, and here I will mention those that work well and come at a decent price. By choosing any of these, you will not go wrong.

Don’t worry, I will mention all of their advantages and disadvantages, so that your choice can be based on factors that suit your specific situation.

In addition to that I will answer some of the frequently asked questions about lights for night fishing and help you decide which one would be the best for you.

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What is the Essential Night Fishing Gear?

Depending on a year time, you may need various items. What will you need is also influenced by the length of your fishing trip. Multi-day expeditions require a lot more than a few hours of fishing after sunset on a local lake. Besides your rod, reel, and usual items, you need proper clothes, items like chairs for your comfort, and all the safety gear you may need in case of any emergency.

Your lures have to be a bit different for low light fishing conditions too. And, besides all of that you need some of the best lights for night fishing.

Make sure to have a fully charged phone, navigation system if needed, and it would be wise to go fishing with a friend, especially in distant locations or in wintertime.

When it comes to lights for night fishing, no matter which type you are using, you always need to have spare batteries and a spare light of any type in case your usual lights go off. This is the most important item and never go without it.

What are the 4 Types of Lights for Night Fishing?

Lights for night fishing, as already mentioned, can be very different. Here are the main types.

Headlamps for Night Fishing

Night fishing gear is incomplete without headlamp for fishing. These lamps are excellent because your hands are free to do whatever is necessary, weather is it walking with your hands full of equipment or tying knots or hooks. This is the one every angler should own.

Headlamps are small and light so you will not have to worry about extra weight or space they occupy in your bag. When using them, you simply have to turn your head to illuminate anything you want.

Besides, these can be seen as safety features, especially in potentially dangerous conditions such as night fishing.

Waterproof models exist and in case you end up in the water you will be seen. You will also be seen to people driving around your fishing spot.

Fishing Lights for Night Fishing - Headlamp

Hands Free Lights for Night Fishing

Fishing headlamps are not the only handsfree lights you can use. There are types of flashlights that can be used without hands.

Simply put them on the table, floor, or around your boat to have a good light when performing various tasks. These lights usually provide better illumination than regular headlights, and if you have more than one around you, you can use one by one to extend the battery life.

These lights come in various sizes, price ranges, and other specifications, so you can choose different ones for different tasks. These are also very useful in tents when you are fishing for more than one day.

Lights for Attracting Fish at Night

Some lights are used to lure the fish and increase your chances for successful fishing. Just keep in mind that these are not legal in every place, so check the local laws.

Some anglers mistakenly think that these lights will scare the fish, but it is actually the opposite. Small baitfish, bugs, and various prey will be attracted by it, so the hungry predators may follow them.

Some of these lights are even submersible, and those are the most effective ones. I will tell you more about these lights and the best colors later.

Lights to Light up Your Boat for Night Fishing

Boat lights are important for fishing success and safety too. Walking around a slippery boat without seeing can be dangerous.

These lights will also help you handle your equipment, and the fish when you land one. Boat lights are usually mounted on your boat, and if you have a bit bigger boat with indoor space, you will need to illuminate both the cabin and the deck.

Boat lights should have ratings for boat use, and make sure that they are waterproof. These stationary lights give the best illumination.

Fishing Lights for Night Fishing - Rods

9 Best Fishing Lights for Night Fishing:

Here are the best lights for night fishing that I have chosen and tried myself.

All of these are excellent for beginners, as well as for more experienced anglers looking for a new or a spare light. These lights are also affordable, and that makes them great.

Some brands with excellent lights can be a bit too expensive, and these mentioned here are a great alternative that will make your night fishing experience better than before.

#1: GearLight LED Head Lamp

The first one on this list (#ad) is one of the best headlamp for fishing. It is excellent for hiking, fishing, camping, and any other outdoor activity.

It has a headband that can be adjusted to suit anyone, including children. It is simple, lightweight, and small enough to carry in your pocket.

You can tilt the lamp up to 45 degrees so that you can direct it wherever you need. It has 7 modes of illumination, as well as the red safety strobing light. The light is water-resistant, so it can be used in rainy or snowy conditions.

Its 200 lumens are enough for even the darkest nights. It works on three AAA batteries.


• Battery life up to 10 hours which is enough for a whole night.

• Detachable and washable head strap.

• Very light – weights 3oz with the batteries.


• It is not waterproof, and can’t be submerged.

#2: Vont Spark LED Headlamp

Another great headlamp for fishing is this bright, light, and affordable model (#ad).

Batteries will last for days, so this lamp is ideal for weekend expeditions in the wilderness.

Same as the previous model it has 7 different illumination modes, as well as the 45-degree tilt option. It is waterproof and impact resistant which makes it great for rough use and adventurous fishing.

Depending on where you buy it, it can even come with a warranty. Three AAA batteries are required.


• Extremely long battery life, up to 90 hours.

• Low price for great performance.

• 200 lumens for excellent brightness.


• Battery compartment door is not very strong.

#5: Coquimbo LED Work Light

Flashlight for night fishing can be as useful as a headlight. This model is rechargeable, and foldable (#ad)! It will occupy less space in your bag, and when in use, you can even use it as a stationary light with an adjustable head so that you can illuminate surfaces at a desired angle.

Rubbery exterior enables you to use it with slippery and wet hands. It has 5 different working modes, and it is 360 degrees rotary. Basically, it is so multifunctional that it can be the only lamp you will need on your fishing trip.

Bottom is magnetic so you can attach it to a metal surface too. Besides fishing, it can be used for any kind of maintenance work while you are at home. It is ideal for reel cleaning purposes, where you need great illumination.

This is an excellent flashlight for fishing that comes at a low price.


• 800 lumen for absolute brightness.

• Can withstand rough use although it has moving parts.

• Good battery life.


• You have to clean it regularly to avoid discoloration.

#6: Ezred Bright NK10 Neck Light

If for some reason you do not want to use a headlight, this can be a great alternative (#ad).

It is a neck light. I was a bit skeptical at first but it is actually cool. You place it around your neck, and it remains stable due to its firm but comfortable frame.

It is water resistance, but not waterproof so don’t submerge it. The best thing about it is a dual light which no headlamp can provide. You can set it up to various brightness levels and beam widths so that you can illuminate wider areas.

Angle can also be adjusted. This light may not be the best for walking around, but for knot tying or equipment repair purposes it is absolutely the best!


• Adjustable brightness from 50 to 200 lumens.

• Comfortable to wear.

• Rechargeable AAA batteries.


• Low battery life – around 3 hours.

#7: Linkstyle Submersible Light 120

Underwater fishing lights can attract many fish, and this submersible fishing light is excellent for any conditions (#ad).

Extremely powerful 1000 lumen light will attract fish even in the darkest nights.

It has LED lights mounted in an octagonal manner that can illuminate 360 degrees. Of course, it is completely waterproof, and it can withstand long underwater use without any damage. Anglers do not have to add weights for submerging purpose due to its design (built in weights). But don’t worry, it is not heavy, and it is easily portable.

It comes with alligator clips to be connected to a battery.


• Green colored light for maximum effectiveness.

• Has a ring for attaching weights if necessary.

• Quality made cable.


• Weights are required in certain conditions to make it sink better.

#8: Amarine Submersible Light

This is another model (#ad) of underwater fishing lights that is also very good.

It is also green, the size is similar to the previous one (this one is less than an inch shorter), and it has the same illumination intensity.

It also has bult-in weights for easier sinking, but same as the previous, in certain circumstances, you will have to add weights to keep it submerged. The chord is 6 meters long which is more than enough. And the best thing is that it is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater use.

It can be plugged in 2-24V DC power outlet. Alligator clips are also provided.


• Very strong light.

• Easily portable.

• Can be converted to be plugged into a power outlet.


• Adding weights is not easy a it doesn’t have a ring for it.

#9: Linkstyle Submersible Light 180

This is the last submersible light (#ad) on this list, but it is as good as the previously mentioned ones.

This is the brightest one, and with 1300 lumens is more than enough for any situation.

Similar to previous models, it also has built-in weights, but in waves and currents you may want to use additional ones. Alligator clips are provided. The light is green, and to be honest I wouldn’t recommend any other color for submersible lights.

This one is a bit larger, and it is 9 inches long, unlike previously mentioned 7-inch models. Cable is a bit shorter, and it is 5meters long. Despite being a meter shorter, it is still a decent length for of standard use.


• Works great under ice too.

• Extremely bright.

• Can withstand rough use.


• Chord could be a bit longer.

#9: Shangyuan Marine Boat Lights

Among the best boat lights for night fishing is this one (#ad).

It will illuminate your deck with 120 lumens of white light. It may seem like a low number of lumens, but you get 6 lights so that you can mount them on different locations around the boat.

It is also a great safety feature, and other boats will be able to see you from a distance, which means that you can use them as night fishing spot lights.

Lights are easy to install, and chords are black and white to determine which one is positive, and which one is negative.

These lights are strong enough to illuminate your space, but “weak” enough not to consume a lot of battery.


• Can be used in the cockpit as well as on the deck.

• Six pieces is enough to completely illuminate smaller boats.

• Set of screws and foam tape are included in the product.


• Too weak to illuminate larger areas.

#10: Exzeit Led Boat Lights

These boat lights (#ad) are more powerful than the previous ones. With 4000 lumens these lights will illuminate your deck so well that you will be able to tie knots underneath.

Buyers will get two of them, so that you can illuminate larger areas. Lights are wide and can illuminate 120 degrees around them.

Stainless steel and aluminum make them extremely durable for rough outdoor use. They are also rust resistant which means that they are ideal for saltwater fishing boats.

The light is white, which is perfect for out of water use.


• Outstanding brightness.

• Easy to install.

• Suitable for larger boats.


• Battery consumption is bigger than with any other model mentioned here.

FAQs about Fishing Lights for Night Fishing:

Lights for night fishing are essential, but are they even allowed? Can these lights really attract fish? There is a lot of questions, especially among beginners, so here I will answer the most frequent ones. Hopefully this will clear out any doubts you may have.

Is Fishing With Lights Legal or Illegal?

Is fishing with lights illegal is something that I get asked a lot. There is no simple answer to this question, and it depends on your local rules and regulations.

If you are from the USA, you have to know that every state has different rules, and it is your responsibility to check up-to-date info. If you are unsure, check with the local authorities when you are buying a fishing license.

In Europe, it is similar like in the US, and regulations vary from country to country.

Fishing Lights for Night Fishing - Best

Do Lights Attract Fish at Night?

YES, they do! Some fish will follow smaller prey fish to the lights, while other will just be interested themselves. This is basically a reason why this is against the law in many countries, as fish doesn’t stand a chance!

Some anglers even drop glowsticks into the water instead of using submerged our outside lights, but keep in mind that this is not environmentally friendly if you leave them there.

Tie them with a fishing line and remove them from the water after they stop glowing.

Do Headlamps Scare Fish at Night?

If fish are attracted by the light as I already mentioned, it would be logical that headlamps don’t scare them, but is it really the case?

In theory, lights attract fish, but those are stationary lights. Your headlamp illuminates the place where you turn your head. And that means that the light will irregularly move around, illuminate some places suddenly, and fish won’t be able to get used to it, so I wouldn’t recommend a headlamp all time while fishing.

However, this type of light is excellent for equipment handling and walking through the night.

Do Underwater (Submersible) Fishing Lights Really Work?

YES, they do! As already mentioned, plankton, and other organisms are drawn by it, and the fish will naturally follow.

And to make the most of it, placing your light underwater is better and more effective than keeping one illuminating water from the outside.

Unfortunately, in some places this is very illegal, and some irresponsible people use this light for underwater fishing when they dive and illegally catch too many fish.

Never do that and use only what is allowed!

What Color is the Best for Fishing at Night?

Not all colors work the same. Most often, night fishing lights are white, blue or green.

Green lights for night fishing work the best for any kind of night fishing and they have the ability to attract more fish than any other color. If you are looking for an underwater light, green is your color.

Blue lights are excellent for outdoor boat lights, and they will enable you to see well and distinguish colors better.

White light is excellent for a flashlight or a headlight.

How Many Lumens Do I Need for Night Fishing?

Lumens determine brightness of your light and the effectiveness it has. Of course, you should choose in accordance with your needs. For walking around a rocky terrain at night, you need very strong lights. For illuminating the inside of your fishing tent, you do not need so much illumination.

Some lights even have the option to adjust the brightness and those are the best as you can choose the illumination you want.

So, to have enough light you should choose the ones with more than 80 lumens.

Fishing Lights for Night Fishing - Flashlamp

What Lights Do You Need for Kayak Fishing at Night?

Kayak lights for night fishing are important for several reasons (check my kayak fishing tips). You have to see what you are doing with the equipment, you have to see where you are going while moving on the water, you have to be visible to other boats, and of course, you have to attract the fish.

So, a headlamp is excellent for equipment handling and always have one but turn it off while fishing. Have one stationary 360 light mounted on a kayak for visibility to other boats. And for attracting fish, you can use some of the submersible lights mentioned here.

Night fishing lights for boat are important for safety, as well as for fishing success.


Fishing lights for night fishing are essential part of your gear, and no matter is it rechargeable led headlamp or a classical flashlight, you have to choose the one that is durable and dependable.

All fishing light types have certain advantages and disadvantages, so make sure that you study all of them before you make a purchase. I haven’t mentioned night fishing lights for rods here, so think about getting one of those too. They can be great bite indicators too, not just fish attractors.

In my opinion, having a good headlamp is a must, plus additional lights for your specific needs. And before you head out to the water, always check local rules and regulations because night fishing with lights is not allowed everywhere.

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