8 Best Fishing Multi Tools - Buyers Guide

Best Fishing Multi Tools
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Fishing experience is influenced by many factors, and having dependable and quality made equipment is one of those factors.

Various tools are necessary to perform different tasks, from cutting the line, to improvising small repair work.

Having multiple tools is not practical, and that is why we have fishing multi tools. A single item can be used for all kinds of purposes.

After years of fishing and trying out different ones, I decided to make this list of the best fishing multi tools.

All of them are quality made and can solve almost any problem you may encounter while fishing. Hopefully, this list will help you decide which one to get.

You can find all the info you need, including answers to frequently asked questions, in the following chapters:

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What Should I Look For When Buying a Fishing Multi Tool?

When choosing the best fishing multi tool, you will have to consider a few factors.

Many anglers use multi tools; from fly fishermen to offshore anglers. Depending on your needs, and some general characteristics that all multi tools should have, consider the following features:


Ordering the cheapest multi tool online will bring nothing but disappointment. These tools have to be strong and dependable. If it breaks after one use, you are going to be very angry. Choose brands that are well-known and have decades of experience in manufacturing.


Final price of a product is highly influenced by the materials. High end models are titanium made and there is almost no chance it will break, but they come with a hefty price tag.

More affordable ones are made from stainless steel, and those are the ones included on the list below. They are excellent entry level models. If you keep losing them, or you are not sure about what exactly do you need, go with the cheaper ones, but keep in mind thet quality is almost always determined by the price.


Size is important. If you plant to carry it in your pocket, smaller one is better. Those who have large tackle boxes can find some space for a larger one. And keep in mind that their weight also varies.

Available tools

Not all multi tools have the same tools. Some are made especially for fishing, hiking, sailing, and similar activities.

Those labeled as “outdoors” or similar contain basic tools that are applicable in many situations. Think about your needs when fishing and choose accordingly. Some of the tools you may find useful are pliers, knife (preferably with serrated edge), scissors and wire cutters.

Best Fishing Multi Tools:

Here I am going to list the best fishing multi tools, based on my experience.

I will include their pros and cons, in addition to product description and main features. These multi tools should satisfy the needs of any recreational angler, as well as the professional one.

#1: Leatherman Wingman

Leatherman is probably the most famous multi tool manufacturer, and you can choose from many models, in different price ranges.

Wingman multi tool (#ad) is extremely useful for all kinds of activities, not just fishing.

So, if you are one of those anglers who likes to go on fishing camping trips, or has a small boat too, this multi tool is for you.

It has 14 different tools, and those are spring action pliers, scissors, spring action needle nose pliers, spring action wire cutters, wire stripper, combo knife, package opener, ruler, can opener, bottle opener, wood/metal file, and three different screwdrivers.

As an angler, you are going to have more than enough tools for anything you may need. It is made from stainless steel and comes at a reasonable price (#ad). This multitool is relatively small and lightweight, so you are going to be able to carry it around with no problem.

Outside accessible tools are also available, which means that you can use certain tools when the multi tool is closed. When using it like this, it will be similar to a pocket knife. Same as many Leatherman multi tools, it comes with a replaceable pocket clip.


• Manufacturer offers very long warranty.

• One hand opening (all Leatherman models have this feature).

• Locking blade.


• Scissors are a bit hard to squeeze when using them.

#2: Leatherman Skeletool

This is another Leatherman on this list, because these are really among the best fishing multi tools.

Leatherman Skeletool is very small and compact (#ad), and very light weight. This is an excellent choice for anglers who hike and like to have small and light equipment to carry around.

It has 7 different tools, and those are needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire and hard-wire cutters, combo knife, large bit driver, and carabiner/bottle opener.

Some anglers may miss the scissors, but despite that, it is an excellent tool.

It is also made from stainless steel and the price is almost the same (#ad) as of the previous model. It also has outside accessible tools.


• Very lightweight (5 ounces/142 grams).

• Tool bit storage within the handle.

• Locking blade.


• Replicable pocket clip is not very reliable (it can fall off).

• Does not have spring action pliers.

#3: Leatherman Sidekick

Sidekick is another excellent Leatherman multi toll model (#ad). It comes at a similar price as the previous models.

It has 14 tools, which is excellent. Those tools are spring action pliers, needelnose pliers and wire cutters, wire stripper, knife, serrated knife, saw, ruler, can and bottle opener, wood/metal file, and three different screwdrivers.

All of these tools are more than enough for every outdoorsman. It even has a secure lanyard ring that enables you to tie it to yourself so even if it drops, you will not lose it. Anglers will appreciate this feature when working on water.

It is made from stainless steel. When you look at it, it is very similar to a wingman model, with only a few differences, such as the saw.

I like this one (#ad) a bit more because I can have it secured above water.


• Lanyard.

• Has all the tools an angler could need.

• Has an additional serrated knife.


• Saw is a bit too thin and bendy.

#4: Gerber MP600

MP600 made by Gerber is an excellent multi tool for anglers (#ad). You can actually choose among slightly different MP600 models, which all have slight differences.

Basic model has 14 different tools, and those are needle nose pliers, wire cutters, wire crimper, plain edge and serrated knife, cross screwdriver and three sizes of flat ones, file, ruler, bottle and can opener, and a lanyard ring.

It is slightly heavier than Leatherman sidekick or wingman, which are similar to it. It is made from stainless steel, features one hand opening, and it looks and feels really great while using it.

It comes in a similar price range (#ad) as the previously mentioned Leatherman models.

Some models come in black color, and although it looks amazing, the color will fade and scratch.


• Limited lifetime warranty (depends on your location).

• Lanyard.

• Comes in different versions and you can choose among different pliers and other small differences important to anglers.


• Wire cutters are a bit flimsy.

• It does not have scissors.

#5: Leatherman Rebar

Rebar is another Leatherman on this list (#ad).

This model has 17 different tools, which is more than you are going to need on your fishing trip.

Those tools are needlenose and regular pliers, replaceable wire and hard-wire cutters, electrical crimper, wire stripper, plain and serrated knife, saw, thread loop, ruler, can and bottle opener, wood/metal file, three different screwdrivers.

This model has the ability to lock all the tools except the pliers. This design is an excellent safety feature and you don’t have to worry that your tools will collapse under pressure.

Lanyard ring is excellent for anglers who are a bit clumsy when working over water. Although it has so many tools, this item is not too heavy or bulky.

All these tools are incorporated into a decent size item, and due to this fact, they are not as large as you may want them to be.


• Tool locking.

• Replaceable wire cutters.

• Lightweight for a full size multi tool.


• Black oxide coating comes off.

#6: Leatherman Stye PS

Style is the last Leatherman on this list (#ad), and this one is a bit different.

At first glance, this multi tool may not seem as the best choice for anglers, but it has some advantages.

This is the smallest and the cheapest model on this list. It is key-chain size, and you can put it anywhere, and carry around at all times.

This small model has 8 tools, which is a lot for a tiny size (it weights only 1.58ounces/44.7 grams). It has spring action regular and needlenose pliers, spring action wire cutters and scissors, screwdriver, tweezers, nail file, and carabiner/bottle opener.

It has a key ring hole which can be used to attach it to your keys. Its travel size even enables you to take it into your carry-on luggage on an aircraft (at least, in some countries like the USA, but you might have it confiscated in European and Australian airports).

Of course, due to its size, these tools are very small, but quite strong and sufficient for recreational anglers who fish on vacations and some weekends through the year. It is a very cool item, although not suitable for more experienced anglers.

Despite being small, it has outside accessible tools like larger models. Unfortunately, being so small and aircraft carry-on friendly, it does not have the knife, which is the biggest disadvantage.


• Very small and affordable.

• Travel friendly.

• Surprisingly functional for a tool of this size.


• Not as strong as larger models.

• No knife.

• It is hard to get the tweezers out.

#7: Bibury 21 in 1

If you are looking for a budget friendly multi toll that has many features, this one may be for you (#ad).

It is not as sturdy and long lasting like Leatherman and Gerber, but it contains 21 tools, for half of the price.

Anglers who like to have all the tools they could possibly need will like this model. It has needle nose pliers, end cutting pliers, combination pliers, hexagon sleeve, cutter, scale, sickle, rope cutter, bottle opener, saw, multiple screwdrivers, nail file, nail holder, mini blade and a knife.

Considering the number of the tools, it is not as bulky and heavy as you would expect it to be. I am really satisfied with the looks and durability of the product.

It is made from stainless steel and it feels well in the hand. It is not flimsy and it does not feel like it will fail under pressure.

Anglers can use it for multiple tasks, because it has many screwdrivers and similar tools, it is a good choice for someone with a boat or a 4x4. Recreational anglers with just a basic equipment will most probably use just a half of the tools.


• Tool locking feature.

• High number of tools.

• Very strong.


• Unlocking mechanism is hard to disengage.

• It shows signs of rust after regular use on fishing trips, unlike all the previous models.

#8: Victorinox Fieldmaster

Victorinox is a well-known Swiss brand that manufactures world-famous pocket knives.

The company also offers some excellent multi tools, but their price can be quite high. That is why I decided to include this mode (#ad), which is more like a pocket knife, but it has 15 different tools that can be useful for anglers too. Some people prefer tools like this one.

It is small, compact, affordable, and very strong. The item contains small and large knife, 3 different screwdrivers, can and bottle opener, wire stripper, reamer, punch and sewing awl, scissors, saw, hook, toothpick, tweezers and a key ring.

This toolset makes it excellent for camping trips, so anglers who like to go on multi-day expeditions, and carry a small and dependable tool should think about this option.

Also, the blade is not lockable, which can be a disadvantage, however, this makes it completely legal to have in almost any country in the world, and that makes it useful for travelers (just make sure not to take it into carry-on on aircraft).


• Knives can be sharpened very easily.

• Scissors are excellent quality.

• Very sharp saw.

• Multipurpose hook can be very useful for those dealing with ropes on their trips.


• Not suitable for saltwater anglers because it is not completely corrosion resistant.

FAQs About Best Fishing Multi Tools:

Before you choose the best fishing multi tool for your needs, you should read the answers to the following questions.

These items are not cheap, and if you are a first-time buyer, be well informed.

Best Fishing Multi Tools - Lures

Is it Legal to Carry a Multi Tool?

Some multi tools have large locking knives, and depending on a country you live in, it can present a problem. It is your responsibility to check the local laws and regulations.

In many countries it is perfectly fine to have a multi tool with you, for example, in many USA states. Under federal law, multi tools with knives are not forbidden, however, state and municipal laws can be different. They also have different rules about opened and concealed carry, and before crossing the state lines, or even using it in your own state in public, read the law.

But, it is safe to say that if you are carrying it in your tackle box and use it on a fishing trip, you won`t get in trouble in the USA.

In certain European countries, locking knifes are illegal, but if they are a part of a multi tool, a police officer or a person in charge has the right to determine are you using it for unlawful purposes. If they see you cutting a fishing line surrounded by fishing rods on a river bank, you won’t get in trouble. But it is better not to take it into a bar with you after fishing.

Multi tools without knifes are not a problem, but as an angler, you are most likely to have one with a knife. Use it wisely, do not flash it in public, and use it only while fishing. Avoid carrying it into public places like stores or wherever it may look like you can use it for something illegal.

Is it Worth Buying a Fishing Multi Tool?

YES, it is. Especially if you go on multi-day fishing trips. When something is broken and needs to be fixed, or when you want to perform some basic tasks, not having a proper tool is frustrating. It ends up like a 30-minute hassle instead of a 3-minute job.

You do not need the most expensive high-end model, and the basic ones will do the job. Many experienced anglers have them and can’t imagine it any other way.

Keep in mind that it is not just for fishing. You can use it for hundreds of tasks around the house. Those who like to go camping, riding bicycles, or engage in any other outdoor activity will benefit from these tools.

Good multi tools can last for decades if you are not abusing them.

Can I Buy a Fishing Multi-Tool as a Gift for Fisherman?

Multi tools are great presents for anglers!

Both beginners and professionals need them. No matter the preferred fishing technique or fish species they are catching, all fishermen can greatly benefit from a quality made multi-tool. This thoughtful gift will last for years, and every time the angler uses it, that person will think of you!

If you are buying it as a gift, you can combine it with a personalized gift card or a similar item, to make it even better!

Is a Leatherman Multi Tool Good for Fishing?

Leatherman makes some of the best fishing multi tool models on the market.

It is a company with long tradition, and they give 25* years warranty on their products (*check this on products). This mean that they believe these products will last almost a lifetime.

You can choose among various models and find the one that will suit you the best. Leatherman has many other models that could be excellent for fishing, and even if you do not like those I included here, you can find a model that has everything you need.

Leatherman multi tools are extremely strong and durable, no matter the price range. They will never rust or brake if you clean them after every use and do not abuse them.

So, all of this makes them excellent for fishing, and that is why I included so many on this list.

Why are Leatherman Multi Tools so Expensive?

Well, there are a few reasons.

Firs of all, Leatherman uses quality materials and the manufacturing process ensures top quality. It is not the same as no-name copies you can find online.

Additionally, the company is based in the USA, and they are not outsourcing manufacturing process to cheaper countries. And manufacturing costs in the USA are not cheap.

If you are buying Leatherman products in places outside of the US, you will have to pay for shipping and local taxes too, so the price can get quite high.

But, for such a good product, it is definitely worth it.

Who Makes the Best Multi Tools (Which Brands)?

There are a few excellent manufacturers around the world that make excellent multi tools.

They slightly differ, and some anglers will prefer one over another. But, no matter which one of those you choose, you will not go wrong.

Among the best ones are Leatherman, Gerber, and Victorinox. I would personally always choose one of those, but for some, price is the downside.

There are some other decent manufacturers that make quite good entry level models, however, those three I mentioned are the best.

Are Fishing Multi Tools Corrosion Resistant?

All of the multi tools mentioned here are made from stainless steel, and that material is corrosion resistant.

However, it depends on the joints and connections, and how the material was handled during manufacturing process.

If you buy from reputable manufacturers, you can rest assured that even the tiniest piece of your multi tool will never corrode. Even if you use it in saltwater.

But, keep in mind that you have to clean it and wash with fresh water after saltwater use.

If you take care of it, it will last a lifetime. But, some cheaper models made by less known manufacturers, although advertised as stainless steel, may show signs of corrosion after a few years, due to materials that do not have the same quality.

Best Fishing Multi Tools - Buyers Guide


Multi tools are one of those items that can be used for so many everyday tasks that it would be a shame not to have one.

Slightly larger price in the beginning will pay off multiple times in the future.

As an angler, you need a reliable one, and if you are in doubt, choose one of the best fishing multi tool models from this list.

Having sharp scissors, pliers, and other tools can make your fishing experience much more efficient, and having all those in just one item will save you valuable space in your tackle box.

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