Could You Catch Catfish in a Full Moon Phase: YES or NO?

Catch Catfish in a Full Moon Phase

As the full moon hangs in the sky, you might wonder if its glow affects your chances of reeling in catfish.

You're not alone in pondering the moon's influence on fishing success. It's a tale as old as time among anglers: the belief that the moon's phase can either be a boon or a bane for catching different fish species.

But when it comes to catfish, these nocturnal whiskered warriors can indeed be caught during a full moon.

You'll find that the heightened natural light might change their behavior, but it doesn't make them vanish from the water.

So grab your gear and let's dive into what the full moon means for your next catfishing adventure.



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Does a Full Moon Affect Catfish?

Many anglers believe that a full moon can significantly influence catfish behavior, affecting your chances of a successful catch.

It's said that the increased light during a full moon night can change how catfish feed, making them more active and more likely to bite.

You've probably heard the theory that biggest fish are more active because they can see better and thus hunt more effectively under the bright moonlight.

This could mean that your usual catfishing spot becomes a hotbed of activity as whiskered predators scour the waters for their next meal.

But it's not just about visibility. Some also think that the gravitational pull of a full moon affects the tides and, subsequently, the feeding patterns of catfish in tidal waters.

So, is it Good to Catfishing on a Full Moon?

During a full moon, you'll likely find that catfish are more responsive to your bait due to heightened nocturnal activity.

The luminescent glow from the full moon illuminates the water slightly, making it easier for these whiskered fish to spot and chase down their prey. This increased visibility means your bait is more likely to catch the attention of a prowling catfish.

So, is catfishing good on a full moon? Absolutely!

Catfish are opportunistic feeders, and the conditions of a full moon can create a prime feeding environment.

Their behavior during this phase can lead to more successful catches for you. However, it's crucial to remember that catfishing on a full moon also means you're dealing with stronger currents and brighter nights, which can affect where and how you fish.

To maximize your chances, you should still pay attention to other factors like water temperature, bait choice, and your fishing location. Full moon or not, a well-thought-out catfishing strategy and a dash of patience will go a long way.

So grab your gear, and don't let the full moon phase pass without casting your line. The fish are waiting!

Catch Catfish in a Full Moon Phase - Good

Or is it Better to Catfish After Full Moon?

While you can certainly have success catfishing under the glow of a full moon, you'll find that the period right after it may be even more fruitful for your angling efforts.

This phase, known as the waning gibbous leading up to the new moon, often sees catfish in a more aggressive feeding mode. They've adjusted to the brighter nights and may now be more active in the darker periods that follow.

Consider this: when the moon is full, the water is bathed in lunar light, making some catfish cautious. But as the moon wanes, the nights grow darker, offering a cloak of invisibility for these whiskered hunters, and in turn, for your bait. You're not just fishing; you're strategically placing your bait in their hunting ground.

Moreover, catfishing after the full moon takes advantage of their natural feeding cycles. The reduced moon light after the full moon means catfish will be prowling the murky depths more confidently, searching for a meal. 

So, gear up your tackle box and prepare for some exciting night fishing. Whether you're on the river or lake bank or in a boat, the water's where you want to be when the sky darkens after the full moon.


Absolutely, you can catch catfish during a full moon phase!

In fact, some anglers swear by the enhanced night-time visibility, which can stir up more feeding activity. However, don't discount the days following a full moon either; catfish remain active as they adjust to the changing light.

So, grab your gear anytime around this lunar phase for some potentially great catfishing!

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