What Size Hook for Carp Fishing is BEST? [10lb, 20lb & 30lb]

What size hook for carp fishing

Choosing the right hook size is essential for successful fishing. It has to match the rest of your fishing equipment, fish size, the bait you are using and all the setup .

There are dozens of hook types and hook sizes, and for a beginner, it can be hard to pick the right one. So, before you decide to head out to the water, inform yourself about what size hook for carp fishing is the best.

Hook size depends on a carp size and the bait you are using. Anglers mostly choose sizes between 8 and 4, but some will also use larger or smaller, depending on a specific situation. When it comes to hook shape for carp, anglers prefer circular ones.

Keep in mind that hook sizes are not actually standardized, and dimensions of the hook made by different manufacturers can vary, although they are labelled as the same size.

Carp is a very cautious fish, and will notice all irregularities in the water, including the wrong hook, that doesn’t go well with a bait.

Here I am going to explain the basics about how to choose a proper fishing hook, what hook to use in accordance with baits and carp size, how to set the hook and much more ...



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What is the Best Type Of Hooks for Carp Fishing?[Circle Hook?]

Some anglers like to use different types of hooks for carp fishing.

One of the examples is those with long shanks for bottom fishing, or wide gap for buoyant baits. But, for a beginner, this can be overwhelming.

One of the best hook types for all baits and techniques of carp angling is circle hooks. This shape of the hook has many advantages.

Because it is so popular, you can get them in any tackle store. Many manufacturers make them and they are available in all kinds of sizes.

These hooks are excellent for beginners because they set easily. You all know that setting a hook for carp is not easy, and many inexperienced anglers can’t figure out the proper moment to do so. Circle hooks will do a part of the job for you.

Additionally, many carp anglers are catching carp for sport, and to perfect their personal skills. This means that they will release the majority of the fish they catch. Circle hooks mostly set in the corner of the mouth. There is almost no chance for deep hooking, because fish will not swallow it. This makes it easy to remove the hook and safely release uninjured fish.

What Size Hook is Best for Carp Fishing - Water

How do you Choose Correctly a Carp Fishing Hook Size?

Choosing the best hook size for carp (fish) depends on factors like fish size, location, bait type and bait size, and the rest of your fishing equipment.

As I already mentioned, majority of anglers will use hooks sizes from 8 to 4.

Of course, some will go much larger if they are trying to catch a record-breaking specimen, but that is not something you will do on a daily basis. Weekend-anglers who are fishing on a local pond or lake will mange just fine within this size range.

I also mentioned that hook sizes can vary between manufacturers and while you are using a size 6 and your friend is using a size 8 made by another company, you may figure out that these two are almost the same size. If you are planning to order some hooks, check the actual dimensions on a manufacturer’s website.

Also, you should consider the time of the year to.

Same size carp that is feeding aggressively may bite on a larger hook during spring, but in winter, you should downsize both hooks and baits, when the fish is slow.

Carp will perceive hooks as possible danger and ignore your bait if something seems off. When you are in doubt, go for a small hook.

You can find the specific sizes for different baits in the next chapter.

What's the Best Carp Fishing Hook Size for Different Bait or Technique?

Choosing the right size hook with a bait size is important ...

You can’t simply put one corn kernel on a size 4 hook, because it will bring you nothing but disappointment.

Best Size When Carp Fishing with Boilies (10mm, 12mm, 15mm)

So, what size hook for 10mm boilie? Or what size hook for 12mm boilie? And what for 15mm and 18mm boilie?

Knowing what size hook for carp goes with boilies is essential, because boilies come in different sizes. Most commonly, angler will use boilies 10-20 mm in diameter. The smaller the boilie, the smaller the hook should be.

For a 10 mm boilie, or even smaller boilie, you should use a size 10 hook, which can be considered very small in a size range for carp. Slightly bigger, 12 mm boilies, you can use with the same hook, or with size 8.

For medium, around 15mm boilies, you can use size 8, or even 6. And the larger boilies, 18-20 mm, go with size 6 or 4 hooks.

There are larger boilies available on the market too, more than 20mm in diameter. Those who are using them usually attach them to a longer hair rig, with a wider gap hook, or if trying to catch a really big carp, go with a size 2 hook.

But I wouldn’t recommend this for beginners.

What Size Hook is Best for Carp Fishing - Type

Best Size When Carp Fishing with Corn, Worms, Bread

The beauty of carp fishing lies in simplicity. You can use baits as simple as bread or as natural as worms.

Bread will not get you a monster carp, and you should go for smaller hook sizes, like 8 or 10. Bread can be easily molded around them to hide all the visible parts. This is a good approach for surface fishing.

Sweet corn is another interesting carp bait, but the corn kernels are very small. Anglers like to thread the kernels onto a hair, and put more than one. Some will put the kernels directly onto the hook.

If putting it on a hook, use a hook small enough to go with it, like size 10, but that is not the best option.

Hair rigs are much better, and you can use hooks size 8, or even 6 for this. Anglers using artificial corn often use larger, while sweet corn users go for smaller. Feed corn tends to have larger kernels so that one can be used with larger hooks, while canned corn is smaller, and goes better with a size or two smaller hooks. Of course, you will go with a smaller size like 8 or 10 for s single kernel, or larger like size 6 for multiple kernels. Using bigger hooks with corn is not advisable.

For worms, you should match the worm size to a hook. If you are using just pieces of worms use size 8. For larger cuts, or whole worms, go with a size 6, or even 4. It also depends on a carp size.

What Size Hook is Best for Carp Fishing - With Worms

Best Size When Carp Fishing with Bobber (Float)

Bobber rigs are a classic. Many anglers use them for their first fishing experiences, and continue using them later on too.

You can use different baits while float fishing, and you should match the hook size with the bait you are using.

While bobber fishing for carp, you are probably targeting small carp to medium one, so you should go with a lighter setup. You can go as small as size 10, or an 8. I wouldn’t recommend using hooks larger than size 6 for this - but you never know what are your's chances of landing the big one ...

What Size Hook is Best for Carp Fishing - With Bobber or Float

What is the Best Size Hook for Carp? [10lb, 20lb & 30lb + Chart]

What size hook for carp fish is the best depends on a targeted carp size.

What Size Hook for 10lb Carp?

Smaller specimens, around 10 lb, have smaller mouth. You need smaller baits and hooks, preferably 8-10. It can happen that a 10lb carp bites a size 4 hook, but that is an exemption rather than a rule.

What Size Hook for 20lb Carp?

Medium ones, around 20 lb, can go on sizes 6-10. Use within this size range according to a bait you are using. Smaller ones are less visible (10 and 8), while larger (6) provides better hold. Usually, smaller hooks get a bit more bites.

What Size Hook for 30lb Carp?

Larger carp, around 30 lb, or even heavier, will go better on hook size 6-2. These hooks go well with larger boilies. Besides that, large carp have large mouth, and will easily spit out a small, like size 10, hook.

And you need stronger hooks for heavier fish ...

Choose the Right One: Carp Fishing Hook Size Chart

If you are in a hurry - here is a simple and fast carp fishing hook size chart ...

Fish Size Hook Size
Smaller Carp (10lb) preferably 8-10
Medium Carp (20lb) 6 - 10
Larger carp (30lb) 6 - 2

Of course, you can adjust these sizes according to your needs. Maybe you are fishing for smaller carp but in weedy areas, or the visibility is low and you can go with a bit more visible presentation.

And of course, you can get large carp on smaller hooks to, but anglers avoid that because if you are using smaller one, you may end up with random fish biting on it instead of a carp.

Make sure that you match the bait and hook size, and don’t focus only on targeted carp size.

Barbed or Barbless Hooks: Which one is Good for Carp?

Barbed or barbless hooks is a common dilemma because both have certain advantages and disadvantages. However, I would recommend using barbless hooks.

First of all, barbed hooks are not allowed in some locations. Secondly, using barbed hooks makes catch and release impossible, because removing barbed hooks causes injurie to fish. Use them only if you are planning to keep the fish.

Some anglers say that if you are careful with barbed hooks you can also remove them without injuries, but that is not always the case, and may be true only for the most experienced anglers.

Barbed hooks have one main advantage, and that is that due to the barb, they are less likely to slip out of the fish mouth when hooked.

What Size Hook is Best for Carp Fishing - 10lb 20lb & 30lb Carp


If you are not having any luck while carp fishing, it may be that you are using wrong hooks. Knowing what size hook for carp fishing is necessary in a specific situation is very important.

Try to match the hooks and baits as described, and there is a high chance that you are going to catch a few next time you go fishing.

And keep in mind that hooks always have to be sharp and in good condition. Sharpen them or change them as soon as you notice that they are not in the best condition!

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