Guide to Surface Fishing for Carp With Bread

Surface Fishing for Carp With Bread

Surface fishing is one of the fishing techniques appealing to many.

Experienced anglers know how exciting this technique can be, while beginners imagine themselves standing on the riverbank and looking at the colourful float, ready to catch the big carp.

To be successful while surface fishing, anglers should follow some rules, but most importantly they should use appropriate baits. Today, when numerous options are available and efficient, a lot of anglers forget about simple methods like bread.

Surface fishing for carp with bread can be very productive. Besides that, it is cheap and easy to use. Your bait will surely stand out among others, too.

If you would like to use bread for your next carp fishing adventure, find all the necessary information in the following chapters.



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What is Surface Fishing?

Basically, surface fishing is a technique where anglers position their baits on the water surface, instead of the bottom or middle layer.

Surface fishing for carp is a popular technique, practiced mostly during summer months. When the water gets warmer, carp come close to the surface to search for food.

There are a few different approaches to this technique ...

The easiest way to catch a carp this way is if you are positioned above, or in the vicinity of the carp. In that case you can simply attach a hook at the end of your main line, hook a bait directly onto the hook and present it.

Usually, anglers use simple baits while fishing this way, and one of the most popular ones is bread. In this case additional weights are not necessary as you will not cast far away.

If you want to cast further away and catch a carp that is not close to you, use a float. There are three most common techniques. First one is using surface controller, second one is using bolt bubble inline float and the last one is weighted inline controller float. Using any of those adds weight and increases casting distance.

This technique may seem simple but it can be very demanding and frustrating if not done right.

Best Tips for Surface Fishing for Carp

Surface fishing for carp can be as exciting as any other carp fishing technique.

However, there are certain tips anglers should follow to be successful:

First of all, any equipment on the surface is exposed to sunlight more than it would be below the surface. That makes it highly visible to carp. And it is well-known that carp can detect suspicious objects with high accuracy. Choose the line colour in accordance with the water, light, and location, to minimize the visibility. The same advice is valid for the rest of your fishing equipment, as well as your clothes.

Finding a location is also important. If you have the opportunity, walk around and search for surface feeding carp signs. If the fish is already there, it will be easier to catch it.

Surface fishing is different than other techniques but some of the rules are still the same as for any other situation.

Prebaiting is one of them. Make sure you attract the fish by feeding it slowly but regularly. Do not over-feed as it can be counterproductive. You may use the same food as you will use for bait, in this case bread. It will make carp confident to bite it.

Use smaller hooks (size 7-10, depending of a fish size you are aiming for) and thinner lines. Also, use lines with neutral buoyancy. Sinking ones may move the float and it will be dragged from the original position. Different floats have different advantages so take a few and see which one is the best for a certain situation. Try to use the ones that do not make a big noise and a splash when casted as that will scare the carp.

Use lighter equipment that is more suitable for surface fishing. Avoid heavy-duty carp rods and choose a lighter rod with a 1.74-2.75 lb test curve and 10 000 size reel, freespool if possible.

And the last thing, check the weather. Atmospheric pressure should be at least 1010 hPa or more, as carp feed on the surface when the pressure is around the standard value (1013 hPa) or higher.

Best Baits for Surface Fishing for Carp

When surface fishing for carp, anglers use different baits. All of them have certain advantages and disadvantages, and some of those baits are the following:


This is one of the most popular baits for surface fishing. It is easily accessible, it can hide the hook well (more about this in the following chapters), it can be used for prebaiting alone, or in combination with other food and it is cheap. Bread is versatile and it is an excellent option for beginners too.


Pop-up bolies are great option for surface carp fishing. Variety of sizes, colour and taste makes them one of the most versatile carp baits on the market. They can also be used for prebaiting. The good thing about these is that you can adjust flavours (like tuna, garlic, etc.), size, texture and colour according to the seasons and locations, which is not possible (at least not to that extent) with other baits.

Surface Fishing for Carp With Bread - PopUp Boilies


Another common option is dog biscuits. They have certain smell and taste that attracts carp but it is hard to use them, especially for beginners. Similar to boilies, they can be mounted on a hair rig, but piercing a hole trough them is much harder than in boilies, as they are not made for that purpose and they can break. Some anglers soak them and mount them directly onto hooks, similar to bread, but that can also be tricky.


Pellets, mostly dry expander ones, are useful baits for surface carp fishing. They can be bought in fishing stores but most of the anglers never use pellets only, and usually combine them with other food, especially for prebaiting purpose.

Surface baits are mostly cheap and easy to get. If you are not sure which one to use or have no experience on a certain location, try to use multiple baits and adjust to the situation. There is nothing wrong with combining them, especially for prebaiting.

Is Bread Good for Carp Fishing?

Generally speaking, bread is good for carp fishing. It is definitely not the best possible bait in any given situation, but it has certain benefits.

As already mentioned, it is cheap, easy to use and accessible. And in certain times when carp feed actively, like summer, it will attract them, as they are feeding aggressively and are not very picky eaters.

Unlike boilies or similar baits, bread has a specific texture, taste and smell, if you use it the way it is. In certain locations and situations, carp can simply be uninterested in bread if he has better options.

Another problem is that it soaks very fast and it falls apart, especially the inner part. Crust is a bit more resistant. The good thing about that softness is the way it lands on the surface. It is not making a splash and it does not scare the fish. When bread lands into the water, you may see a carp curiously going towards the bread.

However, the fact it falls apart can be good for prebaiting. It will attract the fish and spread out nicely without overfeeding. In this case you can also use different taste/smell additives as the bread soaks it up well. Pour it over the crumbs and throw them in the water. They will slowly disperse and attract carp. Bread treated this way is more effective than just plain pieces of it.

When choosing bread, choose regularly baked, fresh bread. Avoid toast, sliced bread and similar options. Firstly, they are not as tasty, and secondly, they do not have a valuable crust that you need.

Another advantage is the colour. White bread has the same effect as white boilies when considering visibility in murky waters.

How do You Fish with Bread on the Surface?

First of all, you must know where to use bread. Surface fishing for carp with bread is easy, but you must follow some basic rules.

Because it is soft, light and easily dissolved, you should avoid bread in fast-flowing waters. Bread is ideal for steady waters like lakes and ponds, where it can be used in a way to take full advantage of it.

When it comes to preparation, bread does not require a lot of work. For prebaiting, use both soft bread part and the crust. Soft part will soak, disperse and sink and the crust will stay on the surface longer. It will slowly absorb water and as the small sinking parts will attract carp, the larger ones on the surface, including your bait later on, will make him bite.

Always use a crust as a bait. Soft part will fall off the hook fast, while the crust is more durable. If you are having difficulties with attaching bread on your hook, you can make it easier by using thin rubber bands. You can even buy special rubber holders for mounting baits like bread on the hook.

You can combine bread with other baits, such as corn and boilies, to make it more effective. When preparing corn by adding additives, you may also add breadcrumbs in the mixture. The same goes for boilies.

If you are mixing it with other baits or adding liquid flavours, make sure your bread is dry enough. Adding the fresh bread will result in a wet and unusable mix. You can even use dried breadcrumbs. They will absorb the additives and attract the fish when dispersed in the water.

How do You Hide Your Hook when Fishing on Surface with Bread?

Surface fishing for carp with bread depends of your ability to correctly present it. Bread pieces, especially the soft parts, can be easily moulded in order to hide the hook.

On the hook itself use the crust as it is longer lasting. Soft part may be moulded into a ball or similar shape to cover the visible hook parts around the crust.

Some anglers shape the bread into cylindrical shapes using different moulds. The tighter you compress it, the longer it will last. However, if you make it too dense, it may sink. Play with it and test different options to see which one works the best for you.

After a while, the bread will absorb a lot of water and it will start sinking, or falling apart. If that happens, simply attach a new bait onto your hook.

If using floats and trying to cast a bit further away, do it gently. Hard and sudden movements and impacts may cause your bread bait to fall off.

How do You get Carp Feeding on the Surface?

Before presenting your bait at the surface, you must attract the carp to feed at the surface. In the ideal situation carp will be highly active and interested, but in many occasions, anglers must encourage them.

Prebaiting with the surface baits is a key to success. Find a location where carp is, or where you think carp may be and use a certain amount of food to attract him. If using bread, as we already mentioned, take advantage of the crust which will stay on the surface longer, and the carp will become confident to feed on it.

This food should be given to carp at least half an hour before presenting your bait. You can even do it longer or try multiple locations if you have enough time and space in your location.

If the location is further away, you may use catapults or other tools for dispersing the food on greater distances. Bread itself is very light so you may mix it with other food to be able to throw it further.

Adding flavours is also highly effective and it will make your bread even better.

Surface Fishing for Carp With Bread - Feeding


Surface fishing for carp with bread is an effective and fun method of carp fishing. There are numerous advantages of it, such as low cost and availability. Bread is easy to use, it can be mixed with other baits and you can even upgrade it by using different additives.

Bread can also be a good food for prebaiting, and its softness is a great asset when it comes to moulding it in order to conceal the hook.

There are some disadvantages like fast water absorption, but the benefits are more significant. It is also one of the best baits to be used by inexperienced anglers.

Bread is one of the most effective baits for surface carp fishing. If you haven’t tried it yourself, next time you head out to a nearby lake, take some bread with you and see for yourself how effective this method can be!

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