When do Carp Spawn? Your Guide to Spawning Times

When do Carp Spawn

Carp reproduction cycle may not be very interesting to many, but it has a great influence on anglers fishing for carp.

When do carp spawn is one of the most frequently asked questions, especially by beginners.

It is hard to give just one precise answer because carp spawning season is a process that depends on the climate and the temperatures.

Also, some anglers want to know is there any chance to catch a carp during spawn season.

If you would like to know more about carp spawning, how is it affected by water temperature, how long it lasts and much more, you will get the answers by reading the following chapters.



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When do Carp Spawn? [Spawning Period]

Same as everywhere, it depends of a location and temperatures.

United Kingdom

For example, in the UK carp season is closed in May and June. Spawning season occurs when water temperatures are between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius.

The actual spawning season is not always corresponding with a closed season. Sometimes it can occur as late as July.

Spain, France or Portugal

In some European countries with warmer climate, such as Spain, France or Portugal, certain waters can warm up earlier and spawn season can occur in April.


In Slovenia, my home country, carp spawning occurs in May, sometimes even later if the water is deep and needs more time to warm up. It is similar in other countries too, where most of them spawn in May and June.

Sweden, Finland, Norway.

In northern and colder countries, spawn season occurs few weeks later.

Also, keep in mind that shallow waters warm up faster than deep ones or fast flowing rivers. Spawning season may vary in the same country with the same climate for carp living in different waters.

When do Carp Spawn - Europe


Carp spawning season in the USA depends of a location.

Different states have different climate. In some states, spawning season begins in March, which is very early. In other countries spawning season does not start until the water reaches at least 23 degrees (California).

Some carp populations begin their spawn season mid-spring, such as those living in Colorado and Georgia. In Kansas their spawning season begins in summer.

As you can see, there is no specific answer to when do carp spawn question. It depends of a season and water temperature.

Generally speaking, carp spawning season in the USA lasts from March until the end of summer.

If you are planning carp fishing in the USA, don’t worry, and check the specific location. Carps will not spawn during the whole spring and summer season.

State Peak Carp Spawning Season
Alaska April to June
Arizona Mid March to early April
California April to late June
Colorado April to early July
Florida Early May through September
Georgia April to June
Illinois Mid-April through June
Indiana May to July
Kansas March to late August
Maryland Late April to mid-June
Massachusetts March to June
Michigan Late April to August
Minnesota April to September
Mississippi April to mid-August
Nebraska April through October
Nevada March to October
New Jersey First two weeks in June
New York May to June
New Mexico March to August
North Carolina April to June
North Dakota June to August
Ohio Late April to June
Oklahoma May to July
Oregon May to July
Pennsylvania Late April to June
South Carolina April to June
South Dakota April to August
Texas March to September
Utah March to June
Vermont May to August
Virginia April or May up to July
Washington April to July
West Virginia April or May to Late June
Wisconsin March to July
Wyoming March to June

Most Common FAQ's About Carp Spawning

Carp spawning is a natural and essential part of the lifecycle of these fish, but there are many questions and misconceptions surrounding the process.

From when and where it happens to how it affects fishing. Keep on reading to learn more ...

What Exactly is Carp Spawning (Carp Reproduction Process)?

Spawning is a process of releasing the eggs and sperm into the water. It is a form of reproduction process practiced by aquatic animals.

Many variations of spawning exist. They depend on anatomy differences, and a way in which spawn is released. Reproductive cells called gametes are becoming fertilized and eventually produce offspring.

During carp spawning, female carp can release an enormous amount of eggs into the water. The average number is around 300 000, although some can release more than a million.

Male carp release the sperm called milt which fertilizes the eggs.

The number of eggs is high but many of them get destroyed before the offspring hatches. Various kinds of bacteria, fungi, and small predators consume a number of eggs.

That is a reason why carp population remains the same if there is no external influence. Young carps become food for other predatory fish before reaching adulthood.

When they are hatched, they are extremely small. And after reaching the size of less than a centimetre, they start feeding.

When do Carp Spawn - Reproduction

How Exactly does Hatching Process look Like?

Eggs are laid by females in the water current and some of them stick to nearby objects while other eggs can be washed further away.

Biologically speaking, it would be a very long and complicated explanation, but let’s keep it simple.

Eggs colour can vary between orange, yellow and amber. Depending on water temperature they hatch after two to eight days. In the first days the fry digests the yolk. At that point they are up to 8 millimetres long. After hatching it consumes plankton.

They tend to spend some time in the shallow, protected from strong currents and predators that might eat them.

They learn to swim. When they grow a little, they start moving around.

At What Water Temperature do Carp Spawn?

Temperature is the most important factor when it comes to carp spawning. Temperature needs to be at least 13 degrees Celsius. Usually they require temperatures between 13 and 24 degrees, some even higher, up to 28.

It depends of a carp species but also about location ...

Carps in different countries spawn at different temperatures. When it comes to time of the year, it is usually during mid-spring until mid-summer, but it depends on how fast the water warms up. The warmer it gets the more active they are.

Carp spawning season is influenced by some other factors too. Food availability, oxygen levels and longer daylight are important too.

How Many Times a Year do Carp Spawn?

Carp typically spawn once a year, usually in the spring or early summer ...

The exact timing can vary based on location and environmental conditions, but in general, the fish will spawn when the water reaches the optimal temperature for their eggs to hatch and grow.

When do Carp Spawn

How Long do Carp Take to Spawn?

It depends on some external factors, where the temperature is most important one.

It takes much longer in cold water. Average time needed for a fertilized egg to hatch is about two days.

That does not mean the spawn season lasts two days. Depending of a temperature, that sometimes fluctuates, spawn may take few days, but it can also last for weeks.

One more possibility is that a spawn starts and then stops due to water temperature drops. And after that it starts again. If that happens during a time you planned your fishing trip, you won’t have a good time.

How do You Know When Carp are Spawning?

Determining when carp are spawning is relatively easy by observing their behaviors.

During spawning, multiple males may trail behind one female, or a male and female may be in close proximity. While you can see them, they will show no interest in bait.

Spawning carp tend to stay in shallow waters, typically between 30 and 120 centimeters deep, near suitable areas for egg-laying, such as aquatic vegetation and rock formations.

Recognizing these signs can be beneficial for beginners and helps preserve the fish population.

When do Carp Spawn - In spring

Can you Catch Carp When they are Spawning?

In theory this is possible but in practical terms it is very hard.

While spawning, carp are not interested in food. You can present baits that usually attract them but during this time, carp will not bite. They still occasionally eat while spawning but that is not enough to catch them.

Carps can be hard to catch in normal conditions, so you can imagine how hard it must be during spawning.

Some anglers practice bow fishing during spawn season as all the carp are in the shallow and unaware of any danger because they are focused on reproducing. Again, that may not be the best idea.

When do Carp Spawn - Underwater

Can I Predict Carp Spawning Season?

The answer to this question is a bit complicated.

No one can predict it certainly! But there are some signs that spawning season could occur soon.

They usually start spawning when water (temperature) levels are rising. And because the most common time for carp spawning is spring, that usually occurs after seasonal flooding.

Among other reasons, floods bring nutrients and food availability is also important.

Some ask why food availability if they are not interested in eating when spawning. The answer is that they need the food to start and they will need it after spawn, when they start feeding very actively.

Also, their offspring needs micro nutrients that flood water brings.

Is it Against the Law to Fish for Carp during Spawn Season?

The answer to this question depends of a location. In some countries or in some places in certain countries there is no closed season or any other regulation that would prevent anglers to fish for spawning carp.

Other countries have rules and regulations and strictly defined periods when spawning carp are protected.

Every angler should check the local law before going fishing.

When do Carp Spawn - Closed Area


Carp spawning is a complicated biological process that can negatively affect anglers fishing success.

Fishing is mostly unsuccessful during that time, and in some places, it is forbidden by law. Even if you are unsure of the spawn season time, it is easy to recognize it when you visit your desired fishing location.

Be mindful of the spawn season while fishing for carp. Maybe one of those eggs will produce a giant specimen that will be a catch of a lifetime in the future!

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