18 Best Winter Carp Fishing Tips: Catch Carp Easy

Tips for Carp Fishing in Winter

Are you ready to outsmart the clever carp even when it's chilly outside?

Carp fishing in winter can be a tricky adventure, but with the right tips, you can reel in a big one!

Carp like to hang out in ponds, lakes and rivers where the water isn't crystal clear. They're a bit shy and hard to spot, but don't worry, we'll help you find the perfect fishing spot.

When it's cold, carp slow down and don't eat as much, but they can't resist a good snack. So, we need to think carefully about our bait. Remember, even though you're all bundled up and it's cold, you can still catch carp if you use what you know and get a little creative with your approach.

So, let's dive into the secrets of winter carp fishing and make your next fishing trip a success!



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Best Winter Carp Fishing Tips to Catch More Carp

If you have decided to fish carp in winter, here are a few tips to make your experience more worthwhile.

TIP #1: Be Prepared to Cold

When you're heading out for a winter carp fishing adventure, it's super important to dress warmly. You'll be out there in the chilly air for quite a while, waiting patiently for those carp to bite. So, you've got to keep cozy!

Start with wearing clothes that make you feel snug and comfy. Think about layers, like a thermal shirt under a thick sweater, topped with a heavy jacket. This way, you can add or remove layers if you get too hot or too cold.

Don't forget your legs, either! Warm pants are a must!

Now, let's talk about your feet. They can get really cold, really fast, and that's no fun when you're trying to concentrate on fishing. To keep your toes toasty, slide them into some boots that have a special thermal lining. They're made to hold in the heat. Then, pull on a couple of pairs of thick socks for extra warmth.

By dressing like this, you'll be super prepared for the cold, and you can focus on catching those carp without shivering the whole time.

Best Winter Carp Fishing Tips - Prepared-to-Cold

TIP #2: Sleeping Bag

When winter carp fishing, it's important to stay warm and comfortable, and a good sleeping bag can make all the difference.

Look for a bag with a temperature rating that can withstand the coldest temperatures you expect to encounter.

A mummy-style bag will provide better insulation and heat retention. Consider bringing a second, lightweight bag to use as an extra layer of warmth inside the main sleeping bag. And don't forget a quality sleeping pad to insulate yourself from the cold ground.

TIP #3: Use Ground-Bait

It is recommended to fish for one fish at a time and use ground-bait to catch carp fish in the winter. Many fishermen consider it a rather useless method in the summer but it can work quite well in the winter.

This type of bait will break up fast in warm water but in cold water it will take some time to dissolve. Moreover, as the fish feeds on it, it will spend a good amount of time on the location and make it easier for the fisherman to catch it.

Best Winter Carp Fishing Tips - Ground-Bait

TIP #4: Use Plenty of Liquid

When you're fishing for carp in the chilly winter months, remember that using enough liquid can really help. Imagine you're cooking a stew, and you want to make sure all the flavors come out. It's just like that with carp fishing!

Adding liquid to your bait, whether it's real or fake, can make a huge difference. There are special oils, called evolution oils, that work like a charm. They make the bait smell and taste super yummy to the fish. It's like adding extra cheese to your pizza; it just gets better!

So, don't be shy to use those liquids. They can make your bait irresistible to carp, and you'll have a better chance of catching them, even when it's cold and they're not as hungry.

TIP #5: PVA Bag Traps

When the winter chill sets in and the waters get cold, carp often become a little more difficult to catch. But no worries!

One of the best tricks and tips you can use during these frosty times is what we call a PVA bag trap. Imagine a small, water-soluble bag - that's your PVA magic. It's a magic little packet that dissolves in the water, leaving behind a tempting treat for the carp.

To set up your trap, you'll need some special boilies or some other bait, that have to be PVA friendly, meaning they won't break down the bag. Carefully place these bait into your small PVA bag.

Once you cast your line into the chilly water, the bag will dissolve, and voilà, it will release the bait, creating an irresistible snack spot for the carp.

Best Winter Carp Fishing Tips - PVA-Bag

TIP #6: Lakes and Rivers are Good Choice

When you're eager to catch carp in the winter, picking the right spot to fish is super important.

Think of it like choosing a good seat in the classroom – you want the best spot to learn, right? Well, in winter, carp like to hang out in the shallower parts of lakes and rivers, because shallow water gets warmer faster than deep water. It's like when you find that cozy spot in the sunshine during a chilly day.

So, a good tactic in winter (especially on sunny days) is to look for these shallow areas because carp will be there trying to stay warm.

And remember, you can enjoy fishing for carp year round, but knowing where to find them in winter can make your fishing trips extra successful and fun. Keep an eye out for those shallow spots, and you'll increase your chances of catching those clever carp!

TIP #7: White Color Winter Bait

For those of you who love fishing, especially for big fish like carp, there's a secret tip that can help you reel them in more easily during these chilly months.

The key is to use the right kind of hook bait. Surprisingly, the color white turns out to be a carp's favorite during winter. By using white pop-ups or boilies, you're more likely to catch their eye.

So, when you're getting your gear ready, remember to keep the bait simple. Go for that snowy white color. It stands out in the clear water, almost like a beacon to the carp. This simple change can make a big difference, and you might find yourself catching more big fish than ever before.

So, pack up those colorful lures for now, and stick with the tried and true—plain white bait might just be your ticket to a successful winter fishing trip.

Best Winter Carp Fishing Tips - White-Baits

TIP #8: Smaller Baits for Big Carp

When it comes to size, use smaller baits. Large baits should be used when carp is feeding aggressively, and winter is not the time for those. Size (of boilies, corn, etc.) should be 10-12 millimetres, and that is more than enough, even for larger specimens.

In winter, carp can be unpredictable. If nothing works, try with smal maggots. Some angers find it quite good for winter carp fishing, but make sure to spice them up with some strong additives. Maggots are a good spare option to try when carp is not interested in other baits.

TIP #9: Sweet Flavours for Winter Fish

When the chilly winds of winter blow, our scaly friends may not be as active, but they still need to eat.

Here's another winter pro tip for all you budding anglers: sweeten the deal to catch those clever carp! Try using flavours like strawberry when you prepare your bait. Carp experts agree that during the colder months, carp will feed on these sweet treats with enthusiasm.

For an extra edge, consider prebaiting your fishing spot. Mix some sweet corn with a dash of molasses or a sprinkle of special commercial additives. These ingredients create a tempting snack that carp find hard to resist.

Best Winter Carp Fishing Tips - Sweet

TIP #10: Best Rigs to Catch Carp

When it comes to choosing the best carp rigs, it is recommended to stick with those that you have already tried.

Checking out new rigs or methods will only leave you disappointed because of lack of experience and skill. Use the same rig that you do in summer months.

A great winter tactic is to keep it simple. Stick with a rig you know well, like the trusty hair rig that you use during the summer. The hair rig is fantastic because it allows the bait to sit just off the hook, making it super tempting for carp.

Remember, winter carp fishing can be fun only if you use the right approach.

TIP #11: Right Time for Fishing

Timing is everything! You might have heard that the early bird catches the worm, but did you know that the early angler can catch the carp? Yes, that's right!

If you set your alarm and head out in the early morning, you're in for a treat because that's when carp are often searching for breakfast.

But wait, there's more! As the winter sun starts to set, it's like ringing the dinner bell for these fish. That's another fantastic time to cast your line. The orange glow of the sunset can make the water look magical, and it's not just pretty – it's prime time for fishing action.

Remember to bring along your polarized fishing sunglasses. They're not just for looking cool – they help you see through the glare on the water when the winter sun is shining bright.

Best Winter Carp Fishing Tips - Right-Time

TIP #12: Try With Zig Rig

When you're out in the winter, remember that carp tend to hang out in the middle of the water, rather than down at the bottom. This is where the zig rig comes into play!

Think of the zig rig as a floating contraption that you can set to hover at the depth where the carp are swimming.

It's pretty cool because you get to choose how deep or shallow it sits in the water. When you're setting up your zig, use a lighter line - something between 8 and 10 pounds is perfect. This helps your rig float just right, making your winter carp fishing trips way more successful.

TIP #13: Experiment With Different Depths

When the water is freezing cold, it's like a big puzzle trying to find where the carp are hiding.

One great trick is to use a zig line to explore various depths. It's like being a detective, searching high and low in the water until you find some clues. Unlike other fishing styles that can have you waiting a long time, this method lets you figure out where the carp are hanging out much faster.

Keep adjusting your zig rig until you notice some bites. Before you know it, you'll be reeling in carp and have them on the bank, even in the chilliest winter months!

Keep experimenting, and stay patient – your efforts will pay off with a great catch!

Best Winter Carp Fishing Tips - Depth

TIP #14: Recast

Patience is key - but don't get too comfy in one spot!

If you notice the action is a bit slow, don't be afraid to give your rod another cast. Aim for a nearby area, not exactly where you just tried. You see, carp can be pretty lazy when it's cold; they won't move far to snack on your bait.

By casting again, you might just drop your bait right where a carp is waiting for a tasty treat. So keep active, and your rod might just bend with the weight of a carp before you may even expect it!

TIP #15: Watch the Water

Locating carp in winter is the hardest part.

The exact location depends on a certain body of water, nearby streams or springs, local weather and temperatures in general in a certain area which influence the water temperature. Some areas have a mild winter, while other are below freezing for the most part of the season.

Zig rigs, as mentioned before, are useful. In very cold days, carp will be in shoals in the deeper areas, where temperatures are constant and they are protected from outside elements and temperature fluctuations. Those areas should have some kind of covers and structures where carp feel safe.

You will get the best results if you fish in the bottom third of a water column.

All locations that have running water will give good results in mid-layer. Because running water cools and freezes slower than still water, carp will be comfortable higher up the column.

In sunny days you can also try fishing in the upper layer of a deeper location, where carp usually spend their time.

TIP #16: Camouflage

When you're out on fishing, remember, carp are clever and can easily spot your line. To outsmart them, use camouflage!

A green-tinted line works wonders, blending in with the underwater world so the fish think it's just another plant.

Also, dress warmly in the right camouflage clothes. Layer up to stay cozy. And don't forget your bivvy - it's like a small tent that keeps you sheltered from the cold winds and snow. Carp can also se it!

Some tips might seem super simple, but they're super important too! Even if they don't always seem to help in warmer weather, during the chilly months, these tricks can be the difference between catching carp or catching a cold!

Best Winter Carp Fishing Tips - Camuflage

TIP #17: Box of Spares

As a carp angler, it's important to be prepared for the winter months when fishing conditions can be challenging.

So always carry a box of spares with you. This box should include spare batteries for your bite alarms and headlamps, as cold weather can drain batteries quickly.

It's also a good idea to pack extra hooks, swivels, and other terminal tackle in case of breakages. Additionally, don't forget to bring along a thermos of hot tea or coffee to keep you warm and alert during long, chilly fishing sessions.

By keeping a well-stocked box of spares, you can ensure that you're ready for year-round carp fishing, no matter the conditions. 

TIP #18: Understand Carp Metabolism

As the temperatures drop, carp metabolism will slow down significantly. The lower the water temperature, the slower they will be.

Although carp feed 12 months a year, they will have short periods where they are dormant, and that is usually below 3.88 degrees Celsius (39 degrees Fahrenheit).

Again, this will also depend on a location, and in some areas, anglers say that they have a hard time catching a carp below 5 degrees, while other had a bit of success in just over 3 degrees.

The problem is that anglers will rarely measure the exact temperature and their catch may have been caught in warmer water.

In my opinion, catching carp in such a cold water will rarely, if ever, be productive and it is better to wait for a warm-up, or switch to other fish species that are more likely to bite in winter.

Best Winter Carp Fishing Tips - Metabolism


Winter fishing can be fun but when it comes to carp, the experience may as well turn into a disappointment especially if you fail to follow some proven tips for carp fishing in winter.

While it is important to stay comfortable and keep your nerves in check throughout your adventure, more important is to use the right strategy to fish carp in the colder months.

From finding the perfect location to choosing fishing tools that you're most comfortable with, there are excellent tips to improve your chances of success.

Follow the tips for carp fishing in winter that have been discussed here to be prepared for the exciting adventure that awaits you!

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