10 Reasons Why is Bass Fishing so Popular [Explained]

Why is Bass Fishing so Popular

Fishing for bass is challenging and adventurous, so it is no wonder that many anglers around the world enjoy this activity.

Anyone can try it, but experienced anglers often try to break their own record, or they participate in tournaments where they can demonstrate their skills.

Bass fishing is so popular because bass is widely available, and can be caught almost anywhere. Anglers can use various lures and fishing techniques, and experiment with baits. Additionally, numerous tournaments exist that promote bass fishing. And the best thing is that it is very exciting to catch a bass!

This popularity has a lot of advantages. Information about it is widely available, equipment can be bought in almost any tackle stores, and many locations are well stocked with bass.

Whether you love the crowds and fame, or you want to enjoy some solitary fishing, it is always interesting to know more about popular fishing activities.

So, here I am going to tell you more about why is bass fishing so popular, why people love bass fishing, and mention some of the most famous anglers, tournaments, and more.



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10 Reasons Why is Bass Fishing so Popular:

So, here are the 10 reasons why is bass fishing so popular, and if you have never tried it, maybe this will encourage you!

#1: Year-round fishing

Bass can be caught year-round, and to do it successfully, you will have to slightly change your approach, and know their behavioral patterns. This is excellent for those who like to fish regularly, not just on vacations. Winter time fishing is hard, but possible. Try using jigs and see what happens!

#2: Endless opportunities

Bass can be caught in various bodies of water, you can fish from a boat or from a shore, you can use artificial lures, live baits, and practice various fishing techniques. This makes it suitable for all anglers, no matter what they prefer. Also, you can fish for bass in complete solitude, or with other anglers.

#3: Suitable for beginners

This is actually related to the reason #2. You don’t have to know how to fly fish, or something complicated, to catch bass. It can be done by complete beginners, even children. This is why so many people choose bass as their favorite fish to catch.

#4: A chance to become a pro

I already mentioned the lucrative prizes and contracts, and that is something that many anglers would like to experience.

Traveling around while participating in contests, demonstrating your skills, using the best equipment, being known for your talent, and earning money while doing so, is something that attracts young anglers.

If fishing for bass, this may become a reality if you try hard enough, and have some time and money to spare.

#5: Healthy fish population

Bass is usually available in high numbers, and there are no strict rules about catching them. This means that you can enjoy this activity almost anywhere. Also, fishing in a body of water that contains numerous specimens is always better than loosing your patience and waiting for a fish that will never come.

Despite this, I advise you to practice catch and release.

Why is Bass Fishing so Popular - Catch and Release

#6: Bass fishing tackle accessibility

Because bass fishing is so popular, you can find the essential equipment in any tackle store or web shop. All the famous fishing equipment brands have rods, reels, lures and everything you need, and you have a wide selection to choose from. Entry-level equipment is reasonably priced.

This also means that spare parts for reels and rods, additional items, and everything you may need is also easily accessible, and that is very important.

#7: Enjoying a meal

Many anglers will now say that bass is not tasty, but we all have different opinions about food. If caught in clear waters, especially in colder seasons, young, medium size, bass can be a tasty lunch. Of course, you have to know how to clean and cook it.

Same as the majority of fish, bass is healthy, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, and can have a beneficial effect on your health.

#8: Fly Fishing

Some anglers love a real challenge, and fly fishing is one of them. It is a technique like no other, and passionate fly anglers will say that this is the most natural and “real” technique. Not many fish can be caught on this technique, and while trout is the most popular, bass can be equally exciting!

#9: Convenience and availability

Bass live in ponds, creeks, lakes, and rivers. Anglers can go to fish for a few hours after a hard day at work, and most often they will do so on a local pond, easily accessible and close by. And these ponds are almost everywhere.

Those who want to go on a full day, or even multi-day excursions, can choose wild rivers and remote lakes, where they will enjoy pristine nature, and they will have to make an effort to catch one.

#10: It is fun and exciting

Although suitable for beginners, catching bass, especially large ones, is not easy at all. Bass is smart, strong, and can put up a good fight! Landing a big one will require knowledge, patience, skill, and of course, proper equipment. Those who like a good challenge should start fishing for bass!

And to learn more you can check more tips about bass fishing in fall or in early morning.

Why is Bass Fishing so Popular - fun and exciting

Most Common Questions About Bass Fishing Popularity

Bass fishing has gained widespread popularity in recent years, captivating fishing enthusiasts worldwide. But with its rising fame, come countless questions about the sport.

Here are the most common questions regarding the growing popularity of bass fishing and shed light on its allure. 

When did Bass Fishing Become so Popular?

Related to reasons why bass fishing is so popular, we have to know when in history something changed. And the answer is, in the 18th century.

Of course, people were catching bass long before 18th century, but during this period, it became more popular. During that time, fishing reels became accessible to the public. Reels existed before, but they were not commercially available.

Fishing reels made fishing easier, and even those with no experience had the chance to try it.

Of course, people love innovation, and these devices attracted even the people who were not interested in fishing before.

There is one person who made this possible, and that is Onesimus Ustonson, an English fishing gear manufacturer, who opened his first store in 1761.

About a century later, around 1967, Ray Scott from the USA, decided to organize bass tournaments, and he established the rules for those tournaments, that stayed almost unchanged to this day.

With these tournaments, the sport gained even more popularity, and even today, the number of bass anglers is on the rise.

How Many Bass Fishermen are there in the USA?

Bass fishing is popular in Europe too, but in the USA, this popularity is much bigger.

There are several reasons for that, including fish availability, organized tournaments, and sport fishing popularity in general.

Some estimates say that there are 30 million bass anglers, which is almost 10% of the US population. Bass fishing is more popular than sports like tennis or golf.

And it is a huge industry too. Billions of dollars are spent on a huge fishing equipment market, as well as for the permits and tourism that goes with it.

According to the official government statistics, bass is the most popular fish among freshwater anglers living in the USA.

There are a lot of fishing clubs and associations that have a lot of members who are there to gain access to information, people with similar interests, and of course, to participate in fishing.

Who is the Most Famous Bass Fisherman of All Time?

There are a lot of famous bass anglers, and all of them deserved to be well known, however, if I have to choose just one, I think that it would be the already mentioned Ray Scott. As a founder of modern bass tournaments, he is directly responsible for increasing bass fishing popularity and the huge industry we have today.

Of course, there are anglers who hold different records, or are very prominent in bass fishing today, but without Ray Scott, all of that would not be possible.

He founded B.A.S.S. (Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society), and he is the founder of the first national bass tournament trail, the Bassmaster.

Besides all of this, he emphasized the importance of conservation, responsible fishing, and safety.

Why is Bass Fishing so Popular - Bass Fisherman

How Do You Become a Pro Bass Fisherman?

Probably every kid, but even a grown person who tried angling, dreamed about catching the record-breaking fish and being known for incredible skill. Out of millions of anglers, only a few are so lucky (and talented) to experience this.

First of all, you have to start fishing, get to know the equipment and fish species, learn from more experienced anglers but also to figure out some things yourself and be able to adapt to a certain situation. This may sound easy, but not everyone can do it. If you are a beginner, don’t give up, and use every “bad” fishing day as a lesson to get better. Of course, fishing is more about enjoying the experience than becoming famous, but if you would like to go down that road, there are a few things you should know.

Start competing. The best place to start is in local clubs, and make an effort to stand out. Start from the beginning and level up.

There is one thing you have to consider, and that is the expenses. It is not cheap to compete in Elite series.

Only the best ones can earn money, other will have to spend it. Equipment, traveling, and everything related to it is not cheap. Unfortunately, some anglers can`t afford it.

Be patient, becoming a pro will take years, even decades. If you really want it, don’t give up, save money, and try to compete as much as you can.

How Much Money do Professional Bass Anglers Make?

This is one of the frequently asked questions, but the answer is not that simple. There are prizes that anglers win, but many of them also have sponsorship contracts and other income on the side.

But, the most talented ones, who are winning the competitions, can earn a decent amount of money.

Sponsorship often provides free equipment, or even equipment plus some money for advertising certain manufacturers. Endorsement contracts often compensate all other expenses related to tournaments. And of course, there is prize money.

I can’t say about sponsorship and endorsement, but ...

When it comes to the prize money, the prize pool can be as high as a million dollars for tournaments, and that is shared among anglers in a way that the winner can get up to $300 000, while others follow with prizes as high as $50 000, down to $10 000, depending on their place in the competition.

Of course, this is for Elite series. Other tournaments offer far less, and often the expenses are greater than the 1st prize.

So, a professional that wins tournaments on a yearly basis, and it is always in top 3, can actually earn a lot.

What is the Biggest Bass Fishing Tournament?

This question can in a way answer why bass fishing is so popular among anglers. Tournaments are popularizing the bass fishing sport, and the biggest tournament is the Bassmaster Classic.

It was founded in 1971, and some people describe it as a Super Bowl equivalent in this sport.

It is organized yearly, and about 60 anglers get the opportunity to compete. Prize pool is extremely high (winner gets more than $300 000).

This tournament lasts for 3 days, and anglers can demonstrate their skills. It is a goal for every professional angler, and winning this tournament can really change your bass fishing career forever.

The tournament promotes sustainable sports fishing, and anglers must submit live fish for weighing.

Why is Bass Fishing so Popular - Tournament


There is no simple explanation why is bass fishing so popular. Popularity started growing when fishing reels became widely available, and since then this popular sport started to grow.

Tournaments made it very publicly exposed, and young anglers are dreaming about becoming professionals.

Bass is exciting to catch and you can practice all kinds of fishing techniques to do so.

No matter where you are fishing for bass, practice catch and release, obtain a permit, and obey all the local rules and regulations to keep a healthy fish population for other anglers who will enjoy the same activity in the future!

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