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About Us - Sina

Slo-fishing.si as a Business

There is nothing better than turning your lifestyle into business!

Slo-fishing.si started as a small project where anglers from Slovenia could share their experiences, but it slowly grew and spread to the worldwide audience.

Here at Slo-fishing.si, we offer educational content, as well as personal adventure stories to inspire you. Whether you prefer reading, watching videos, or talking to other anglers, we got it all covered.

Our specialty is short and comprehensive article and guides for novice anglers, as well as in depth tips and tricks for experienced fishing lovers.

Recently, Slo-fishing.si advanced even more, and was among the first in this region of the world to dive into rod building business.

Every such step forward gives us motivation to learn and grow more.

Siniša Pintar (Sina) as an Author

My name is Siniša Pintar (friends call me Sina) and I come from Slovenia, EU.

I am an outdoor enthusiast and an angler with more than 30 years of experience.

I'm the owner and founder of fishing website Slo-fishing.si, an ebook writer and a custom rod builder.

I have been in love with fishing ever since early childhood.

It all began when we were still kids, at the nearby creek where we used to go fishing with old pickle glass jars.

Then we stepped up our game and took it up a notch by coiling up a few meters of nylon fishing line around a piece of Styrofoam.

My father would lend me a fish hook or two, mom would give me a piece of bread, and I’d be all set and ready to go. We would fish chub fish and other smaller species of fish.

Then my father would take me with him to river Drava. We would fish for local fish species called “zelenka”, then we’d go for the sunbleak or “belica” as we call them here, barbel, bream and carp.

And now … here I am! Sharing all my fisherman wisdom with you!

Those who know me, know that I am a man of many hobbies, but my number one passion (after fishing of course) is writing.

Articles are something that I enjoyed from the beginning of Slo-fishing.si, but as the time went by, I expanded my views, and the first book was born. The idea behind it was to combine all of the knowledge, experiences, and personal stories into one fun, interesting, and above all educational work.

Short and inspirational texts are also something that makes me happy, and I enjoy writing regular emails to all subscribers. Besides that, I am focused on providing quality social media content where main focus is on enjoying the fishing experience. You can follow me on Facebook, InstagramPinterest or Youtube!

As the number of users here at Slo-fishing is growing, I am more than happy to get out of my comfort zone and create written content for greater audience.

About Us/Me – Siniša Pintar - Angler and Author

What Do I (Sina) Enjoy the Most?

I enjoy any kind of fishing, whether it is big game out on the sea or catching small panfish after work!

There is no bad fishing day, and although I love adventures, there is something special about keeping it simple and going back to basics!

Nothing is more relaxing than a quiet morning spent on a local pond near my city in Slovenia, called Pond Razvanje. It is a place where I feel at home, where I can think of a next big adventure while waiting for carp to bite on a simple setup! This tiny pond has big surprises!

And why do I like this pond? Well, it is because I know it well and I can focus on technicalities! There I test new equipment, new techniques, and anything that can help me fish better and create better content for all of you!

Another place where I enjoy is the rivers. In Slovenia we have a lot of beautiful waters like the river Soča, Idrijca and many others.

All these are places where nature leaves you speechless!

Siniša Pintar (Sina) as an Rod Builder

Rod building business spread wide through North America, and it is time to bring it closer to European customers.

After much education, learning from the best and most experienced builders, and after a lot of testing, the time has come present it all on Slo-fishing.si.

Custom built (personalized ) fishing rods ensure that you have perfectly tailored and completely customized equipment for any fishing task you can think of.

To ensure outstanding quality and performance, only the best materials can enter my workshop and be used in rods.

Whether you need a new rod, or just tips and tricks for your own rod building project, Slo-fishing.si has it all covered.

About Us/Me – Siniša Pintar - RodBuilder

Others Behind the Slo-fishing.si Team

The most important part of the team are undoubtedly all of YOU, the users of Slo-fishing.si website!

Without you my website would be just a meaningless platform with a bunch of words.

So on this spot I’ll take the opportunity to THANK YOU!

A big part of Slo-fishing.si are anglers who selflessly share their knowledge on our forum, and all the new young anglers who recognized this community as a place where they want to learn and grow.

However, in order for you to have something to read and in order to keep my website neat and easy to use, there’s also a team of people taking care of the “entertaining” part, whether it’s through creating new useful content, or through periodical e-mail newsletters and Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest posts.

This is US – YOU, me – Slo-fishing.si TEAM!

Last but not least, if you have any questions or suggestions for me, you can contact me anytime! Check my contact info here ...

I’ll be happy to help you by providing you with answers.

Get in touch, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


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