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About Us - Sina

About the Author

My name is Siniša (friends call me Sina) and I come from Slovenia, EU. I am an outdoor enthusiast and an angler with 30 years of experience. In the past years, I thought a lot about how all of that experience changed me and how can I do something useful for novice anglers. Writing an articles on this fishing website, a book and much more seemed like a good idea, and as something that can sum up all my knowledge and experience.

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Why fishing

Rod Building by Sina

Besides being an angler, I am also a passionate rod builder. Custom made fishing rods, crafted to perfection, are the next step in overall fishing experience.

High-quality fishing rods, made from top of the line materials, represent my passion for fishing. Years ago, I started my rod building journey, and with time I have perfected this craftmanship, recognized by many anglers.

Whether you are just a beginner or a very experienced angler, you can benefit from using custom rods, tailored to suit you in every detail. From performance to aesthetics, these rods are built to last.

I firmly believe rod building is a form of art, and as such it should be very detail oriented. Explore my website to learn more about the process of creation of these extraordinary rods.

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